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Player Report (AIMBOT 100%) New Sistema The day before yesterday 15:39 111 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 23:28
Hacking while recording? New Gronzy™ Yesterday 19:56 27 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 23:27
*fixed last post, added pics* Add building Sensitivity/How your sens works attach_img New denana Yesterday 17:02 15 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 23:24
Polls This Game Is By Netease Right ? ZubiGamingYT 2018-10-26 014 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 22:05
Abuse New Cubillo95 Yesterday 03:28 111 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 22:03
Hacker attach_img Angelica 2019-4-15 363 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 15:04
Help! New InsTantClasH The day before yesterday 13:05 218 ErenCD Yesterday 09:20
Will we have any LIVE events in the game? New Matejovce The day before yesterday 03:54 323 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 08:18
Player Report (Macro) New Sistema The day before yesterday 10:31 120 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 08:14
TURRETS should only be placed on structured floors (read full) New denana Yesterday 01:31 116 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 08:09
ADD BUILDING SENSTIVITY AND ADS (AIM) SENSITIVITY (PICS EXPLAINING) New denana Yesterday 01:40 117 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 08:03
NEW BUILDING MODE. OPINION (See Pics) attach_img New denana Yesterday 02:15 117 ZubiGamingYT Yesterday 08:00
PLS GIVE US SEPARATE ADS SENSITIVITY URGENTLY DEVS attach_img New slayèraimbot 5 day(s) ago 145 Warden01 Yesterday 01:17
Banned Again (3rd Ban) For Being To Good Lmao New Not_Norcta 3 day(s) ago 324 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 11:45
Throw flames, grenades and Minigun... New Sistema The day before yesterday 09:48 117 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 11:40
Suggestion about instant damage Jadiel 2019-4-15 140 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 09:35
hack player New nataliaRoo 4 day(s) ago 230 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 07:40
Hackers and more hackers again ... New Sistema 7 day(s) ago 669 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 07:40
Player Report (MACRO) attach_img New Sistema 7 day(s) ago 360 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 07:39
Polls How much lag is everyone getting the optimized new classic? Laytrix 2019-2-27 3516 ZubiGamingYT The day before yesterday 07:18
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