Title: What's your favorite denim jacket? [Print this page]

Author: Mehwish    Time: 2020-6-10 13:20
Title: What's your favorite denim jacket?
Edited by Mehwish at 2020-6-11 23:53

I'm really looking to find one to add to my wardrobe, and just wanted to see some of your favorites! My favorite is lil peep jacket that I recently buy form their store ( Also, I wanted to specify this is, as with most "best" reviews, based on preference, and I'd love to know why you feel that way. I'm personally also looking to get a new jacket, and I love my Levi, but I was looking into getting something more unique in either color or design.

Author: AlexBaker    Time: 2020-7-23 01:10
Leather jackets are perfect as they can be dressed down or dressed up, both making an outfit more casual or proper. It'll definitely be the most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe, that you'll most likely find yourself reaching for more often than not.
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Author: royjhonson    Time: 2020-9-30 10:44
I always wanted to add a new style and good quality jacket to my wardrobe because I'm obsessed with jackets and hoodies. My favourite jacket is blackbear portrait jacket I purchased it from their store. They have great quality products. You can wear a jacket with smile plain t-shirt or you can layer up with check shirt and jacket. It elevates your outfit and your personality. Love my Levi but always looking for some unique design and colours.

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