Title: HOW TO BE A PRO PLAYER (1) [Print this page]

Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-16 04:49
Before You can play here are few tips
First: Get good keybinds
How to get good key binds: Go to settings
controls, then scroll down and see all keybinds Get good ones to make ur gaming easy
Second: Use custom build wisely.
In the lobby u can see a nutton custom build, at bottom left. You shall be taken to A game where u can edit ur custom build. I like Two walls on side and a ramp and above it other.
The advantage u have is that, you can save your position i.e, when u use the custom build ur position will be same as before.
THIRD: Dont land far from people, but not to near if u are new, get in battles, have some experience. You dont have to always win, But get gud amount of kills
Extra tips:
  I like third person view more, since you have wider view, fpp is not recommended, it makes building and all harder.
build first then shoot
cover your back and sides, shoot front.
Make sure to aim near the head for most damage.

1) if there are many people shooting,
at u keeping move to safer side and keep buidling from the side the people are shooting
Best way to block: a wall a ramp; a wall front of ramp
Then dont let them know ur position, take that advantage and shoot only one at a time.

2) Bad situation
first chill, dont be nervous it is not real life, just a game.
It is ok to die, but try ur best, think quick try to escape or hide by building so muc, dont reveal ur position.

more is coming wait, with pics and videos  

Author: SouFake    Time: 2018-7-16 10:43
This will help me improve a lot
Author: Vins    Time: 2018-7-16 10:49
Hy man in this game pro player got banned, me pro player got banned
Author: Lambito    Time: 2018-7-16 21:01
Good contribution, continue like this.

Author: Asphyxia    Time: 2018-7-16 21:30
I found this post kind of funny for some reason... Reminds me of a kid tho (no offense) but yeah for new or inexperience people this is a good post gj.
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 00:19
Edited by NinjaDra at 2018-7-19 00:51

YEs  ik but this was for beginners who play with default keybinds
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 00:20
Thank you everyone for reading this post

Author: Leonellopez    Time: 2018-7-17 01:20
thx bro
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 02:58
Leonellopez replied at 2018-7-17 01:20
thx bro

np stay tuned for more guides

Author: vytkQ    Time: 2018-7-17 06:19
Thanks man
Author: DrakoG4    Time: 2018-7-17 08:18
This is very useful to the new players in CD... Congratulations! Good post!
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-18 00:33
DrakoG4 replied at 2018-7-17 08:18
This is very useful to the new players in CD... Congratulations! Good post!

thank u for ur support

Author: IND_BOY    Time: 2018-7-30 19:04
This is HELP ME bROO ..
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-8-8 22:46
IND_BOY replied at 2018-7-30 19:04
This is HELP ME bROO ..

Plz check my channel GamerDra on yt?

Author: Catwaii    Time: 2018-8-26 16:03
Thank u for the custom building example. I'll use it in my next battles!
Author: OneShoter832    Time: 2018-8-26 16:07
Gracias Por Estos Consejos Para La Gente Nueva No es mi caso pero para muchos si y esto ayuda a la comunidad
Author: Marcos123    Time: 2018-8-26 22:26
first floor!what if I'm popular
Author: Marcos123    Time: 2018-8-26 22:31
How can you create rooms ?
Author: chii    Time: 2018-9-3 17:54
Thank you for tips
Author: ProxyzZz    Time: 2018-9-23 03:47
Nice And helpful guide Thanks for Sharing it
Author: Crusader    Time: 2018-9-29 07:16
this is  not a good guide just saying.
Author: berzerk    Time: 2019-3-29 12:39
thanks for the help
Author: xcatire    Time: 2019-3-30 13:55
ho good
Author: BeJimmievap    Time: 2019-9-22 22:21

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Author: DIMA_Prermebra    Time: 2019-10-30 15:38
Hello. I would like to be able to watch both editions of "Exploring the Explorer" but I dont have a clue on how to. Do I need to buy the DVD? Are those videos available online?


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