Title: HOW TO BE A PRO PLAYER (1) [Print this page]

Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-16 04:49
Before You can play here are few tips
First: Get good keybinds
How to get good key binds: Go to settings
controls, then scroll down and see all keybinds Get good ones to make ur gaming easy
Second: Use custom build wisely.
In the lobby u can see a nutton custom build, at bottom left. You shall be taken to A game where u can edit ur custom build. I like Two walls on side and a ramp and above it other.
The advantage u have is that, you can save your position i.e, when u use the custom build ur position will be same as before.
THIRD: Dont land far from people, but not to near if u are new, get in battles, have some experience. You dont have to always win, But get gud amount of kills
Extra tips:
  I like third person view more, since you have wider view, fpp is not recommended, it makes building and all harder.
build first then shoot
cover your back and sides, shoot front.
Make sure to aim near the head for most damage.

1) if there are many people shooting,
at u keeping move to safer side and keep buidling from the side the people are shooting
Best way to block: a wall a ramp; a wall front of ramp
Then dont let them know ur position, take that advantage and shoot only one at a time.

2) Bad situation
first chill, dont be nervous it is not real life, just a game.
It is ok to die, but try ur best, think quick try to escape or hide by building so muc, dont reveal ur position.

more is coming wait, with pics and videos  

Author: SouFake    Time: 2018-7-16 10:43
This will help me improve a lot
Author: Vins    Time: 2018-7-16 10:49
Hy man in this game pro player got banned, me pro player got banned
Author: Lambito    Time: 2018-7-16 21:01
Good contribution, continue like this.

Author: Asphyxia    Time: 2018-7-16 21:30
I found this post kind of funny for some reason... Reminds me of a kid tho (no offense) but yeah for new or inexperience people this is a good post gj.
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 00:19
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YEs  ik but this was for beginners who play with default keybinds
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 00:20
Thank you everyone for reading this post

Author: Leonellopez    Time: 2018-7-17 01:20
thx bro
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-17 02:58
Leonellopez replied at 2018-7-17 01:20
thx bro

np stay tuned for more guides

Author: vytkQ    Time: 2018-7-17 06:19
Thanks man
Author: DrakoG4    Time: 2018-7-17 08:18
This is very useful to the new players in CD... Congratulations! Good post!
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-7-18 00:33
DrakoG4 replied at 2018-7-17 08:18
This is very useful to the new players in CD... Congratulations! Good post!

thank u for ur support

Author: IND_BOY    Time: 2018-7-30 19:04
This is HELP ME bROO ..
Author: NinjaDra    Time: 2018-8-8 22:46
IND_BOY replied at 2018-7-30 19:04
This is HELP ME bROO ..

Plz check my channel GamerDra on yt?

Author: Catwaii    Time: 2018-8-26 16:03
Thank u for the custom building example. I'll use it in my next battles!
Author: OneShoter832    Time: 2018-8-26 16:07
Gracias Por Estos Consejos Para La Gente Nueva No es mi caso pero para muchos si y esto ayuda a la comunidad
Author: Marcos123    Time: 2018-8-26 22:26
first floor!what if I'm popular
Author: Marcos123    Time: 2018-8-26 22:31
How can you create rooms ?
Author: chii    Time: 2018-9-3 17:54
Thank you for tips
Author: ProxyzZz    Time: 2018-9-23 03:47
Nice And helpful guide Thanks for Sharing it
Author: Crusader    Time: 2018-9-29 07:16
this is  not a good guide just saying.
Author: berzerk    Time: 2019-3-29 12:39
thanks for the help
Author: xcatire    Time: 2019-3-30 13:55
ho good
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Thank you.

Author: DIMA_Prermebra    Time: 2019-10-30 15:38
Hello. I would like to be able to watch both editions of "Exploring the Explorer" but I dont have a clue on how to. Do I need to buy the DVD? Are those videos available online?

Author: Mabelfex    Time: 2019-12-11 18:48
Great job wink I do believe you hit all the right points. Most new players should see this so they can learn.

Makes me feel horrible the way I was when I first got into the game.
Author: crushme    Time: 2019-12-18 12:03
Thanks man!
Author: mrRandallasymn    Time: 2019-12-31 12:02
Nice how to Rob, Ive been toying with doing this to mine when I upgrade or have killed the current engine. how much was your digital angle gauge? looks to be a great way to set them
Author: WilliamCof    Time: 2020-1-8 01:43
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Author: JoshuaMeesy    Time: 2020-1-10 02:29
The good and bad of Dating a Russian Girl

11 Reasons Why everyone should Date a Russian Girl (If You're that are fortunate enough For One To Want To Date You, absolutely)

They maintain their bodies and be aware of every detail. I doubt they would let you drink anything less than a half dozen drinks, conditional on how much they drink. One got gotten married to his fiancee, But it was a totally different person. Safety I never obtained any problems here. night-time: Bars and bars, Which city you'll need to go to, And whether one night stands are common. They might get you close to them and even flirt back. When you get more comfortable with this, Your results will jump through the roof.

i am not saying a pickup artist, A dating guru or the ladies man. They either like you right from the start or they just tell you in a polite way that you should move on. Petersburg and as well Ekaterinburg, I could categorize Russian women into 3 types. A slow dance before dinner will impress her like a thing. Sometimes an extremely nice guy can wake up unhappiness in a woman only because of his terrible untidiness or inability to behave correctly in society. of course, it is easy to go the suit route, But the more casual route of a blazer and jeans helpful, to boot.

I tried to keep not more than 4 candidates at a time can't do something more, it takes effort to make your communication meaningful. Women exceed men, And though this difference just isn't huge 3 7% according to different issues, It gives a big absolute connected with lonely women, Who have zero chances to find a wife. Internal intentions stay invisible and sometimes even unconscious. A Russian woman would choose to get married to a Russian guy. damaging myth Russian women dislike Russian men. It has one of earth's most terrifying walkways: some sort of 439 metre.

100 Things to understand about Russian Women, crucial Dating, And Hot european Brides

the current styles some ideas for new dates or gifts from her stories! Ditch the tricks and aim for genuine marriage. Negative myth Marrying a Russian woman is a horrible and costly exercise, And rarely will one be a success. And the fact that Russian women have a not the same notion of style compared to ladies in other countries makes things worse. I wrote 30 or so posts, And then turned them into an eBook and threw it up on Amazon. If you are confident about your and your fiance's feelings and motives, Nothing should stop you.

Russian Women For wedding ceremony: everything required To Know

in addition, we cannot offer any love online ukraine dating or marriage guarantee. Women of 18 years old have no failures of finding appropriate partners of their age, And exquisite do. Meaning the men expects the women to do all the cooking and cleaning for the household. Enjoy our full of facts podcast series! since that time communists took power, They wanted to get more female voters by passing feminist laws problem? According to for the age range between of 15 54 the numbers show that there is pretty much the exact same amount of women and men residing in Russia. She has an immensely successful career as an athlete. Give Russian woman enable you to lead, And she will get cold and disappointed within moments. This may impress her most and you seem to succeed in winning her heart.

59 significant things you didn't know about Russia

That is why they are so determined to find their right diamond necklace and make fantastic wives. It's much easier, Less long, And I look quite like all women around. In the White kitchen in the Hermitage Palace there's a clock on the mantelpiece. Leaving Russia or her other home country, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan or any other country of the former Soviet Union, Leaving Russia can be very hard for her, Losing her family at once and moving into unknown country to start her life all over, But the cultural standard for a woman to have family marriage and kids as her highest priority is so strong, Some women are brave enough to look into unknown and start looking for a partner abroad. Men without their own opinion are unattractive for women since they are in category of the weak.

Russian Women For marriage: everything required To Know

They will wait for you to make the first move and they will always consider you to be their essential task. Many of the release agencies offer free or discounted photography services. Russian girls drink a lot at discos, wedding ceremony of that, More fun things can take place. On identical note, it's best to take the first step. And while the faces of women from Russia are located stunning, their bodies are absolutely magnificent. When one gets older in a society, He acts according its rules and traditions.

And money is those Louboutin shoes she saw at Nordstrom last month, So move along please make sure to. What girl wants such a buddy for life? They are more sensual and sexy at night than most European girls; They know how to let loose. The best are effortlessly run by a team of baboushkas. There are programs in which you'll go to Russia with a tour group in hopes of finding a Russian girlfriend. Famous people also go out here so it tells you a lot of what you can expect but overall I never had a bad time in this club. You can definitely try to kiss, break, And enjoy yourself with her if you meet her that night.

What Do Russian Women Think of american Men? the, The Bad the simple truth

ruskies women like european men. Russian women want to marry good men and have a normal family and youngsters, And it's not always possible in Russia for universally. Ukrainian women do not hate their own men elements countries in Eastern Europe that do have that stigma. Hold the entranceway open for her and pull out her chair, These small acts of chivalry may impress her more than an expensive call. Myths created around those marriages do not influence was once the essential content of life long partnership, And don't change natural human aspirations. Usually they come in russian babe better education and life experience. the reality is that one can get married to a Russian lady much younger than him, by way of example 20 30 years younger.

A your survival guide for dating Russian women

The class and culture are hard to change; I am sure it determines with time, But this was why I decided, After many years of seeking married in Russia to a good man, To look for a romance elsewhere. A lot of shady stuff going on there, So I propose that you avoid it. In russian federation, A woman expects you to pick up the bill on dates even when she is technically the one that invited you and even if you ordered a cup of joe while she enjoyed a five course meal with dessert. Negative myth Half of the women featured by Internet advancement agencies are prostitutes, The others are generally married. American ladies are ready to work as hard as men and achieve the same career success.

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Author: alexsmith688    Time: 2020-1-11 13:49
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Author: JoshuaMeesy    Time: 7 day(s) ago
6 Best Asian online dating service personals Websites

to the free version, You are only limited to sending one message in every 15 minutes. I am not uncover any gifts,Not locate any help:Not for perfume,Cismetics or blossoms. virtually all the single population has tried on line dating as a source for meeting new people. if you notice someone who catches your eye, The site means that you can chat, Send everything, Make enquiries, And share photos without having to pay anything! famed place to date in Asia is Thailand. These Hot Asian Women are usually the highest quality, As than these who also get free accounts. in addition, The website also comes in different languages, Making it simpler for members from Vietnam, holland, Denmark, france, spain, And Japan non English speaking destinations, To access to the site.You can look those who enjoy music, ways, consuming alcohol, Dining out and so forth. We tested dozens of websites and came up with a list of Asian dating sites that are legit and really work. No other website gives you this mixture of benefits. Your Dating Profile When attempting to date throughout the world, The more details about yourself in your dating profile the better. on the flip side, You have to register for a new account to access the site. while you have family ties to Asia, Or are only a fan of Asian culture, This dating app can help put you in touch with matches that are perfect for you..basically, It may even be tough to get laid right after your first meeting. The site has helped more than half a million men and women from all over the globe meet for dates, devotion, And even bond. Go with the dating chinese women premium option to save time and stress heh. Do not get platinum as it is a complete waste of money. American newspaper that if asked, Almost no one will confess with these. In middle school and high school, likely didn't get many girls crushing on you compared hot thai girls to your white counterparts. amazingly loving, Appealing and supporting who are willing to make your love life more meaningful.Things such as why did girls act different around me? Best Asian Dating webpage FindMate. The connective tissue appears to be that race definitely matters when it comes to online dating. We have done extensive research and built our little-known matching system from scratch, So that we can send you a customized One to One match weekly. It generally is packed with Hot Asian Women. No matter what Asian country that suits you most, These cool dating apps can help you find someone who hails from that region. Several tools can help you on your journey, Including interpretation features and articles about Asian news. benefits of this study only perpetuate social problems for both sexes involved.Any alternate dating apps similar to Tinder? Preferably those based around Asian men : AsianMasculinityIf you wish for a moment of romance, Just hold your breath so tight as Thai dating may take your breath away numerous sensible reasons why you should date Thai women because Thai women are so popular that most foreigners fancy dating single Thai women. web site provides a safe and easy way for people from different countries to meet with Southeast Asian women. Tweaks to filters may help you relate with more people and offer you a greater range of single Asians looking for romance. What is unique about this network is that it shares a user database with several dozen other niche internet dating sites, as well as ChineseLoveLinks, FilipinaHeart, JapanCupid, SingaporeLoveLinks, ThaiLoveLinks, to VietnamCupid. Another important reason why you should decide to get the paid version is are very important your messages are not limited at all. being a, To capture the interest of Asian beauties, Update your profile with current information and pictures. with this in mind, If you are planning to date a Vietnamese lady in one of your visits to Vietnam, Better start the night early in an effort to have more time to have fun and you know what I mean.Using Dating Apps efficiently: Connection with Asian LadiesWhile you'll probably still be able to see some girls from other countries posting their profiles here, you can expect, notwithstanding, That most are in fact from Vietnam. due to possible language barrier, Your profile may be studied and analyzed by pretty Asian women seeking mates. This Asian dating service offers free financial records, scouting around, individualized matching, And group sites. This gives users great consolation. Alter your dating profile filters to properly address your conditions or broaden them.Using Dating Apps sufficiently: experience of Asian LadiesTo be successful communicating with possible dates, You have to show up and be present and actively engaged with those singles you are seeking a connection. i've been hunting to Vietnam more than four times already, And have met there are girls I met in Vietnam on the site. While lots of legit apps are today now, In 2015 eight executives of several popular Japanese dating websites have been arrested on similar allegations, While men and women can create an account for free, Men have to pay a fee breathing in fresh oxygen send girls messages. AsianDate notes that their online dating service does not tolerate any scam activity by their visitors. They just have their own counterparts here.Any alternate dating apps much Tinder? Preferably those geared towards Asian men : AsianMasculinityHowever, Just like other online dating sites, you may still find some fake accounts here. ThaiFriendly is my go to can i meet Thai women, mainly ones in Bangkok. The Pipeline Method Most online dating sites is about volume. In a white dominated group case, You would be left phone and largely ignored, especially white men and hot girls were around they congregate and the guys would shut you out. So whether you're a male looking for another male, A female seeking another female, Bisexual, Or even wanting for platonic friends and connections of either sex, Tinder encourages everyone.4 Highly Popular Dating Apps in JapanEspecially chance,if you place paid version, You can easily figure out if your partner on the other end is just playing around or is serious. You might find this challenging because most girls in Vietnam find it hard to communicate in English. should you want approval, Then do not marketing us or delete them before 48hrs of post time. And speaking from an Asian woman mind-set, I found my time in the analog singles dating scene to be one in which men clearly favored white women or Latinas. While men sentimentally are more attracted at first with visuals, Women are prompted more mentally. for example, You can send campaigns to premium users. I simply wanted to try to keep my optimism up.Using Dating Apps perfectly: Connection with Asian LadiesYes I am aware that we are at a huge disadvantage in the west, And even before I was redpilled into awareness via this sub, I always knew something was off based on social relationships alone. Most of the women are from Philippines but an abundance of some true gems from Thailand, Cambodia and dish too. I have succeeded in meeting Vietnamese girls because I consider truthfulness as part of my investment. I've tried OkCupid but it's an equal runaround. subsequently, Start your today with Asian a woman. They are polite and also easy going.

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