Title: 0% infinite [Print this page]

Author: MrMugiMoon    Time: 2020-6-24 12:18
Title: 0% infinite
Hello! I need a little help.

I started playing the game less than two weeks after almost a year without playing, everything was fine, the game was perfect for me until three days ago.
I tried to enter the 3 pc servers and the game was at 0% infinitely, I tried to repair the patch thinking it would be a problem in my files but nothing has changed.
So yesterday I decided to re-install the game completely, and as soon as I did that it worked and I thought I solved the problem.
I played several games and left the game, but hours later when I went back in again the problem had returned, I waited for today's maintenance, and the problem continues, would anyone have a solution for that?
(Sorry for my terrible English.)

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