Title: How to play out late game. [Print this page]

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Title: How to play out late game.
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So if you want to know how pick a side chill or aggressive

If you picked chill then the good thing for you is to make a large base and make sure its nice and big so its hard for people to shoot it down the other good thing about this is they will have to be showing to be able to hit your base down so you have a easy shot if you have a sniper or if you can hit a headshot and do major damage to the player.

If you picked aggressive then this is a great one so they way you can do this the best is to ramp then wall really quick so its harder for them to destroy but it takes a lot of building supplies in order to do this I think this is the best tactic for me.

Put in the comments if you think this is good or you would like another i would love to do another one.

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