Title: Tips on Improving Game [Print this page]

Author: Pratish    Time: 2018-7-17 12:56
Title: Tips on Improving Game
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:17

1. Change Your Keyboard Layout
- Change how you build cause the key bind at the very first of the game takes a longer reach time. So, better change it. Anyways, it's all about how much you feel comfortable.

2. While Coming Down High Grounds or On a lake
- Always Build a ramp or a floor while coming down from high grounds which will avoid taking fall damage. Also, build floors or ramps to get by the lake faster and have less chance in getting sniped.

3. When on a shotgun battle
- Use Uzi or DTR as a gun to win the shotgun battle. My Preference, Uzi. As it shoots, a lot of bullets at a small amount of time and does more damage.

4. Build
- Build everytime when u see a guy approaching you or when you hear a gunshot, get the high ground and bam. You win the battle. Also, there is a custom build option which will allow you to build a 1 by 1 base as default but u can go and change it later. Anyways, use that as a advantage of defence.

5. Gun Loadout
- Make your gun loadout the same all the time. This will make you know what gun you should choose next, without thinking or so called Muscle Memory.

6. Choose which Setting is more Comfortable for you
- Choose a setting which is more familiar to you. For example, I use fpp because i feel easy to shoot and build. Also, Use a Mouse senstivity you are comfortable with. Dont change it all the time. Make it Consistent.

7. Know the Damage as per Colors
- Know how much damage the guns do according to damage. Or should we say Damage Per Second.

8. Counter attacking a Sniper Battle
- If you are in a sniper battle in duo or squad, it would be a lot better if one of keeps shooting and another one gets close by as to push them. Which will lead them to be Shot From Near Range as well as Far. But, as for solos go with 15 ammo sniper rather than the awp. Though awp does more damage. Reload time is slow. So, u might have an advantage over that, Shooting two shots at short time, than waiting for another shot.

9. Always carry a health
- We dont know from where the enemy will come up and shoot u. So rather than just going without any shields or medkits and all guns. Just leave a slot for Medkits or Shields.

10. Dont peek if you dont see
- If you want to see whats going on outside your base, u can simply destroy your base a bit which will make it a bit transparent making you peek having wall as a shield. But, same goes for them. They can see you. So better do it fast and react.

11. Learn to Engage and Disengage
- If you are new to the game, just go on and drop to eden vines, palmburg and lion park for more fights which will make you learn more of shooting skill. More you practise more you get better. Also, If you are at a disadvantage, Better Disengage and Wait for a Better Oppurtunity to Engage.

12. Memorise where chests are spawned
- One of the key ways to how to win is, memorising where chests are spawned. Better Remember that Regret right guys.

So these are some of my tips, if you want more. You can say it to me.

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Author: SouFake    Time: 2018-7-17 19:16
Thanks for your contribution, it will be useful for me.
Author: Zeaken    Time: 2018-7-17 19:48
Thanks for the information, it will be useful for me
Author: Pratish    Time: 2018-7-18 10:58
SouFake replied at 2018-7-17 19:16
Thanks for your contribution, it will be useful for me.

No Problem Guys. If you want more of the tips u can ask me.
Author: Pratish    Time: 2018-7-18 10:58
Zeaken replied at 2018-7-17 19:48
Thanks for the information, it will be useful for me

No Problem Guys. If you want more of the tips u can ask me.
Author: Sebastian1    Time: 2018-11-30 22:05
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Author: VENPRO    Time: 2018-12-1 02:57
Thanks a lot.
Author: BeJimmievap    Time: 2019-9-3 11:23
Title: Tips on Improving Game
Okay so this will be my third day playing PoW and I have lost 3 out of 4 battles.
I have a Rage fighter at lv.4

I would like some tips on want I should do to win more.
Author: AlanSanders    Time: 2020-1-13 07:55
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Author: AllenLeree    Time: 2020-2-23 11:28
Title: Tips on Improving Game
i agree that everything is great execpt the
a If you just started, reset your farm until you get an easy mission
otherwise i just think the tips are faboulous
great job boredboy

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