Title: Creative Destructio is A good Game But just it need more work for being best one [Print this page]

Author: Rami    Time: 2018-7-18 07:01
Title: Creative Destructio is A good Game But just it need more work for being best one
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:17

How To Be Pro player in this Game....

First :

play  this  Game always and always belive in yourself that You can Do it and Win....

Second :

Open the sound of the Game To the Max for listening to the Ennemis And Kill THem

Finaly ( and The most important thing )

Make the Best keypord settings by Going to Menu-Control

And if you follow or those tips you can win easly

Love You Creative Destruction <3

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Title: Creative Destructio is A good Game But just it need more work for being best one
Hey everyone,
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