Title: [Panda Tutorial] Part 5 - Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds [Print this page]

Author: KoruePanda    Time: 2018-7-18 21:45
Title: [Panda Tutorial] Part 5 - Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:12

Part 5
Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds
So my clickbait worked. I'm not really sure if it's better than the defaults but it's not bad neither.
Keybinds are preference, if you are already used to the defaults, you can stick to it.
Or... See if this keybinds works out better for you.
This keybinds features better accesibility. But you'll have to get used to it.
(Pictures are in the bottom)

*Movement Control
Up - W ( No Changes )
Down - S ( No Changes )
Left - A ( No Changes )
Right - D ( No Changes )

*Item slots
~Melee/Destructor - ` ( Before 1 )
Slot One - 1  (Before 2)
Slot Two - 2  (Before 3)
Slot Three - 3  (Before 4)
Slot Four - 4  (Before 5)
Slot Five - 5  (Before 6)
Slot Six - 6  (Before 7)
(Since your fingers are always on W-A-S-D, reaching up to 7 can be quite difficult)
(And you can always quickly reach 1-4 for your gun slot, 5-6 for meds/shield/bandage)
(Hard to get used to at first, after 2-3 games, it'll be perfect)

*Build Controls
Build Wall - Z  (before F1)
Build Ramp-Up - X  (Before F3)
Build Ramp-Down - C  (Before F4)
Build Floor - V  (Before F2)
Quick Build/Custom Build - B  (Before F5)
(Yeah, I have short hands with a full-sized keyboard and reaching F1-F5 is a little difficult especially on Panic situtations)
(This gives you better reach)

Turn on/off traps (Use trap) - F1  (Before F6)
Switch Trap - F2
(Really?, Traps are very usefull so putting them on F6 is quite a waste and hard to reach)

*Other Changes
Refer to pic below

~ End of Tutorial ~

If you missed the other parts.

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Author: Patrick    Time: 2018-7-20 05:55
Fotinha do Fortnite heim kkkkk
Author: Yuki91    Time: 2018-8-8 00:27
en mi caso mi configuración de teclado es diferente. pero mi comentario no iba a eso xD
para los que tengan un mouse con mas botones, es posible configurarlos gracias a un
programa llamado X-Mouse Button Control que tiene una opción de simular esos botones
como si fueran teclas.
en mi caso tengo configurados los dos botones laterales y el boton del medio del mouse.
Author: SdagONE    Time: 2018-8-13 22:03
Yuki91 replied at 2018-8-8 00:27
en mi caso mi configuración de teclado es diferente. pero mi comentario no iba a eso xD
para los qu ...

Muy buen aporte este, no sabia de ese programa, ahora si podre configurar los botones

Author: Crusader    Time: 2018-9-29 09:21
yeah v for floors is the worst keybind ever. You took the best keybinds and somehow jammed it into bad ones.
its z for walls, x for floors and c for stairs. You dont need downstairs and quick build is for noobs.
Author: Brandy    Time: 2018-11-6 15:56
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your keybinds to help others!
Author: Abdallalh    Time: 2019-3-17 15:35
Edited by Abdallalh at 2019-3-17 15:36

when i press that key ` the mouse shows  why ??
Author: AlikUsazy    Time: 2019-11-11 20:53
Title: Panda Tutorial Part 5 Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds
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Author: janek20    Time: 2019-12-20 09:42
Really nice guide mate, I also found a good one, you can check it fortnite keybinds
Author: Cindymom    Time: 2019-12-23 23:27
Title: Panda Tutorial Part 5 Better Keyboard Controls / Keybinds
This must have taken a very long time to make , with all the links.

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