Title: Item refund [Print this page]

Author: Natsuu    Time: 2018-10-27 06:09
Title: Item refund
Hello.. i bought hare-raiser destruction with 450 diamond and i wan to refund it ro buy trick or treat packs with the diamonds can u pls gibe me the diamonds back?

Author: 555    Time: 2019-3-18 10:35
In-Game Name:        ARTFAMILY55
Player ID:        13143385
Server:        AS server (moblie)
I tems refund

Author: DiamondDagger2    Time: 2019-6-18 00:27
I bought the love angel back bling and I want to refund it and the platinum outfit and black outfit and I wanna return them my in game name is DiamondDagger2
Author: ggk60    Time: 2019-8-10 21:32
Edited by ggk60 at 2019-8-10 21:36

I bought way to much stuff and i want my money back...
my ID is 30543206
if you could put all the money i spent back onto my apple account that would be great

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