Title: Brazillian Server? [Print this page]

Author: justXan    Time: 2018-11-8 13:13
Title: Brazillian Server?
Edited by justXan at 2018-11-8 13:15

Hello, I'm having some lag problems (Not fps) on the current PC server, the problem is that I use the US server being from Brazil. I would like to ask them to make a server from Latin America or South America, there are several players who invest heavily in the game most are affected by ping problems.

Should we have a server in Brazil?

Author: VitalGW    Time: 2018-11-8 18:46
I think there should be a lot more server's then there are.
Author: Slockey000    Time: 2019-3-4 19:11
I would like the CD to have a Brazilian server, since I am from Brazil there is much more difficulty in the ping, my friends also have the same problem, if the CD has a Brazilian server there are more players in the game

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