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Author: alex♤    Time: 2018-7-1 20:47
Title: Help
Hi, I am sending you this message because I have a big complaint about your game, I have a J7 sansung and the game is going perfectly and I am good at playing, and I thank you that the game is beautiful, but the point is that, disconnect from the server every 8 minutes is a mistake of the game, since my internet is fast, that problem I have since installing it can you help me? please
Author: Rainzel    Time: 2018-7-1 22:37

Please try the following solution:

1.) Repair the game.
2.) Reinstall the game and please download the game in Google Play store.

Let us know the result.
Author: alex♤    Time: 2018-7-1 23:49
Rainzel replied at 2018-7-1 22:37

Please try the following solution:

It works, but! again give me the same problem, it is a mistake of the game I would love to solve it, and the game downloaded from the play sotre.
Author: xXLiVaIXx    Time: 2018-12-20 14:23
plz i want the old map my computer is very low icant play the game because of that

Author: flaken    Time: 2018-12-25 09:30
Edited by flaken at 2018-12-25 09:31
Rainzel respondió en 2018-7-1 22:37

Por favor intente la siguiente solución:

"Qué es una manera de hacerlo"
Author: amir73    Time: 2019-1-14 06:44
Edited by amir73 at 2019-1-14 07:09

Hi ; I have been banned for no reason I hope to fix the problem as soon as possible thanks.
and I thank you that the game is beautiful,  

Game ID: 10333473

Game Server: MéD Server PC

Game Name: AM1R


Author: Albanerr    Time: 2019-1-17 14:10
(mobile)MED server: i won the hallowitch skin and I don't have please fix it my name in game is Albanerr
Author: Mye    Time: 2019-1-20 07:12
Hello, since yesterday I am having problems with the game. The point is that it is in an error, I do not know if it is the character or the game anyway, it does not allow me to build or collect things, and the character teleports. That happens a little while and because of that problem I lost a lot. Could you help me? My character is called Mye id 10574251 server: EE. I would appreciate your help.
Author: sayedsonic9812    Time: 2019-1-25 08:52
Hi im download game on steam later i wont play game repair the game
Author: TSM_Notable    Time: 2019-1-26 14:09
Hello, I lost my main account on creative destruction. It was bonded to my twitter account which was suspended. Due to thi's I had to talk to the twitter support who got my twitter account unsuspended. Now here is the annoying bit. When it got in unsuspended my main creative destruction account was wiped. I do not know how to get it back. I spent around 21 pounds on the account and it's now gone. Please get my account back. Or at least give me 680 diamonds.

My main account which was wiped: TSM_Notable
Server: Med server

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