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Author: SeaLegends    Time: 2018-11-15 21:58
Edited by SeaLegends at 2018-11-15 22:34

Hello, recently I have been playing creative destruction a lot, and here are my suggestions in order to improve the experience for everyone. Please comment down below if you agree or not. Some of these suggestions might be based off Fortnite : Battle Royale but I hope you understand. (I play PC, previous fortnite player)

- I live in Australia and I get a connection of around 140 ms. I assume I am connected to the ASIA server but I am not sure. Please add a selection of servers instead of Steam-Server at the selection menu.

- Add audio cues of Chest and gunshots (Specially the ones towards the player). Improve the audio of footsteps. Audio is one of the most important aspects of the game and I can hardly find any enemies since the only way to locate players/ chests / Footsteps is by the location bar at the top. That is very inconsistent for me.

- Increase the bloom on weapons. Although I enjoy the game with minimum bloom, it is very unfair for players. Assault rifles become way to overpowered and specially AK-47. Being lasered for like 100 damage in a second becomes really frustrating in some situations specially if you can't hear where the shot is coming from.

-Reduce corsair size when Aiming down sights(ADS) or crouching.
- When a weapon is being fired the weapon animation needs to be completed to switch to build mode. This can become really frustrating as building becomes really hard in combat. Build mode should be able to activate even if the weapon animation is not complete.

- Damage drop-off for Assault rifles and SMGs. Scars have this feature well implemented but AK-47 and SMGS can still be improved. doing 50 damage a shot for 100 meters away isn't ideal and is fairy broken.

- Pump nerf: as satisfying as 1 pumping someone for 300+ damage is, it is very broken. Pumps do way too much damage im my opionin and getting 1 pumped with full health and shield often makes me rage :/

- Showing weapon skins in kill feed. Weapon skins are barley noticeable. The name of the skin should be shown in kill feeds and elimination feeds like this: Player 1 eliminated Player 2 with AK-47 (Gold) and Eliminated player 2 with AK-47 (Gold)

- Please remove the story / talk from the bus driver at the start of the game, that part is just very annoying and I always mute my game at the start.

- Shields should take time to consume instead of instantly applying

- A staircase should be placed inside of the wall instead of outside. Stair ->/ |  Instead of Wall -> |/

- Editing feature on player-made buildings
- Storm and fall damage take health instead of shield

- Re-position health and shield bar for easier access. Example Health/Shield bar - > (bottom middle ) Hotbar ( bottom left)

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