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Author: Naberius    Time: 2018-11-17 20:52
Title: [IDEA] UI Additional content
Edited by Naberius at 2018-11-17 20:54

Hello, just as the title explains I have some ideas that would be a nice addition to the UI [User Interface] of the game, and a new system idea.

1. Announcement that appears in the lobby when a user has been recommended, that way you will make people more aware about it and it would help content creators [streamers] and would make those that have been recommended feel better knowing that their chances of being seen on how they perform are higher.


2. Announcement that appears when a user get's a item from the packs section in the mall [such as hallowitch and eliminator] it will make that user feel special, just like the no. 1 idea.


3. A daily spin wheel [which is connected to a new system feature] which allows people to spin it once a day for free, and would need to pay diamonds/starcoins for extra spins and be able to earn different rewards such as items, gold, starcoins or even the top prize diamonds [amount decided by you] OR the top prize could be a item obtainable exclusively from the wheel such as a suit that is legendary [you could use the packs system to make this wheel system but please do something about the drop probability rate]


Author: NeaxArts    Time: 2018-11-18 12:08
What is it?
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