Title: Hackers / Cheaters [Print this page]

Author: krejcomut    Time: 2018-7-23 11:11
Title: Hackers / Cheaters
Hello dear , again and again ? what is hard to make anti-cheat again memory-hackers have hack on this game and many others hack creaters and you cant make anti-cheat ? but game you can create ? is funny ... STOP earning money and start work on the game + anti-cheat i giving you 1 week then im going to headquaters no matter what but i will + video on youtube

Author: SouFake    Time: 2018-7-23 11:43
Hello krejcomut, the game is in development and still has problems.

Within the game there is the option to report.

Author: ༺V۞ЯྀTEX༻    Time: 2018-7-23 12:29
SouFake replied at 2018-7-23 11:43
Hello krejcomut, the game is in development and still has problems.

Within the game there is the op ...

Yeah but when your enemy wins the match it says his name but like he won it you can't report him because the report opcion dosent appear
Author: kirxcy_    Time: 2018-7-24 06:54
its appear, you dont saw that
Author: act    Time: 2018-7-24 12:11
Well you don't even know how to make a game mate so how do you know how to make anti cheat.
Author: crimson_yeet    Time: 2018-11-8 16:24
funny how you think you can demand things, a youtuber with even 1k subs couldn't change their mind let alone someone with 300
Author: JeanKurz    Time: 2019-8-21 23:18
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Author: mmmmzzx    Time: 2019-9-12 07:07
i died 3 times in a row by same cheater... my rank is professional and the cheater is not still banned...
i mean speed hack runing through walls shooting through walls aimbot and some of them teleport lol.
this game's anti cheat is worse than gta sa offline
Author: Vonpire    Time: 2019-9-17 00:21
You are absolutely right! This game is unplayable right now as it is! It's a shame that Devs can't implement an anti-hack system. In last 3 days I've reported dozens of confirmed che@ters caught on video, still they play day after day after fay...

Game's officialy is dying because of this.
Author: Vonpire    Time: 2019-9-17 00:22
Just a sample...

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