Title: we need the old map back [Print this page]

Author: JxL_    Time: 2018-12-5 13:15
Title: we need the old map back
Hello please please please please then please let the old clasic map back

I love this verrry very very much and im pro but when you delete the old map
i cant play it now becase i have bad Fps like 13 or 15
and my aim baaadd i cant to aim nice

sooooo... please let the old map back

Author: Burgundy    Time: 2018-12-5 14:53
The old map will return December 27,2018
Author: FAGamer    Time: 2019-1-30 23:20
Author: shreeniv    Time: 2020-1-21 03:04
Edited by shreeniv at 2020-1-21 03:05

Dj Hammer,
Everyone wants the old Classic map to be back as soon as possible. This is the request of eyeryone.
so i would like to say why the old map is good

1. Less laggy.
2. better Fps.
bring the classic map back not new
Author: ⚡︎ϯhunder    Time: 2020-1-21 21:43
Yes the old map was so better on my iPhone 6 and after new map added damn my game crashes a lot so please bring back old map I played this game from season 1 so I did supported this from season 1

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