Title: Weapon tweaks/tweaks [Print this page]

Author: SourCremPie    Time: 2018-12-26 21:53
Title: Weapon tweaks/tweaks
Hi, i have a few recommendations/ tweaks that can possibly make the game a little better

Nerf The S1897, Okay so maybe reduce the range or increase the overall bullet spread of shotguns especially The Pump or the S1897

Shots/Pellets from Falloff range 20-30m
Can still deal 70+ damage depending on where the target was hit


Headshots: 67-70damage

Body:23-27 damage

Lower Body (Legs etc.)  14 damage(sadly)


Headshots: 40 damage?  (40+ damage from 30-40 range?, Come on guys this is a Pump shotgun, Not an SMG.

Bodyshots: 17-20 damage  ( ok its balanced)

Lower Body: 8 damage

This was tested on the S197 pump shotgun, on Training Grounds.
You guys need to add bullet spread or increase the bullet spread Cause some players such as myself, Get tilted by being oneshotted by a bot from 20-30 range with max shield, And from highground.


You guys probably got the wrong idea..
But SMGS are known for thier incredibly fast firerate from short-mid range shots.
any farther than that falls off. But I tested that. The UMP can deal the same damage
In any range. It can still deal a damage of


67-75+ damage  (headshot,depending on rarity)
Body shots:24-30, (depending on rarity)

Legshots: stays at 15 damage.

UZI- historically known for its insanely fast firerate.

Headshots: 55-65.DEPENDING ON RARITY
Bodyshots: 22-26".                   ".                "
Lower body: 11-26".                                    "

I Noticed that the hitbox for the torso and The lower body are apparently the same while shooting with an UZI. Maybe work on that a little.

Not even gonna explain the Power SMG its completely fictional and its powerful in the current stage of the game.

SMG needs tweaks for thier falloff range. We can't have an SMG that deals 67+ damage a headshot on 180-220m range.
That defies the sole purpose of Rifles which are known for thier effectiveness from mid-long range, maybe increase bullet spread and range of the UMP and the UZI, that can impact the game a little.

These were tested on the Training Grounds on Every range.

The Majority of players are asking stuff like "Building Edits" or whatever we don't need building edits welp typically we CAN add building edits, but we can be accused of copyright or plagiarism. You guys need to add something that can let us players from a 1x1 box or when players box themselves in. Just maybe add A exit or we can make a Building edit for a door and a window. Don't add anything else. Dont be fortnite we need to make a name for ourselves.

Well We need to make building a little Smoother.

Add the setting that we can hold down the mouse button or the designated button for building so that it automatically builds.

Im net generalizing that we should remove the CLICK to BUILD setting, cause some of the Majority of players actually prefer that setting, But some OF the majority of players prefer that we can hold down the mouse button or the building icon ( for mobile players, such as myself) to make Building more smoother or affect the mechanical aspects of the game.

Make little tweaks for The Graphics don't just focus on graphics tjlhe graphics are Extremely good at the current stage of the game, Just this level of Graphics is pretty much ok, but tweak the frame rate, and a few bugs. Then it should be fine

We need to start vaulting weapons. We can't have a scoped pistol, cause that can be easily replaced early on the game..
And make Revolvers feel like revolvers.
It kinda feels like the same standard pistol but has less ammo and firerate and more damage.

Add a legendary Variant of a shotgun. Like a double barrel shotgun or something.. don't add a shotgun that is powerized like the Power Rifle and SMG.

This is just a little opinion of my own and i don't really see all of this being added or tweaked into the game.

But i hope you guys can use some of these Recommendation that can overall impacr the groeing stage of the game.


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Title: Weapon tweaks/tweaks
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Author: jesoxysu    Time: 2020-10-22 01:53
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