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Author: HyroZ    Time: 2019-1-7 06:04
Title: Discord Creative Destruction
Hye j'ai créer un accord avec la communauté pour que vous puissiez trouver plus facilement avec les joueurs et les nouveaux amis sur le jeu!

Le voici:

Je suis le créateur du discord et je suis francais donc je comprendra pas forcement tout le monde ^^

Bref je vous laisse faire un tour pour agrandire encore plus la communauté et bon jeu a tous !

Author: Smoif    Time: 2019-1-9 15:24
To anyone who doesn't know what this means. It's a Discord for French Creative Destruction players. (It is NOT official.)
Author: Ramenausticic    Time: 2019-1-18 12:35
This is what that text said in English:
I created an agreement with the community so that you can more easily play and find players and new friends on the game!

Here it is:

I am the creator of the discord and I am french so I will not necessarily understand everyone ^^

In short I let you take a ride to expand even more the community and good game to all!

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Ramenausticic replied at 2019-1-18 12:35
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I created an agreement with the community so that you can  ...

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Author: RobertThornton    Time: 2019-8-9 08:04
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Author: josef    Time: 2019-11-1 08:47
Creative Destruction server that supports both PC and Mobile platforms, we were formerly known as K9N KLAN but we changed our name, all players of all levels are welcomed to join. mobile mechanic mobile car mechanic near me

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