Title: Problem Graphics [Print this page]

Author: DwansTMG    Time: 2019-3-2 02:16
Title: Problem Graphics
Hello, can you submit my input to the developer? this is a graphic problem on my smartphone. Can the developer raise compatible graphics on my smartphone? because I wasn't too happy if my graphics only reached low, because that disturbed my playing experience. I hope the developer raises the graphics to my smartphone until it's normal enough, because I'm sure my smartphone is able to run this game with normal graphics. I really hope and ask that you convey my input to the developer, this is for my convenience while playing, thank you.

Nickname: DwansTMG
Brand of Smartphone: Huawei P8 Lite

Once again please do what I gave above, considering the specifications of my smartphone, I feel very good at it.
Author: Carlile    Time: 2020-9-9 05:33
If you want to get the best graphics on the device then you need a full stack developer for the project. First check out what is full stack developer so that you can identify one for the project.

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