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Author: MineplayerHD    Time: 2018-7-31 15:01
Title: Germany
dear Creative Destruction Team,i really love this game but i cant play it because its no available to germany please make it available for germany because its a great gameLG Leon

Author: Bykalakhd    Time: 2018-8-2 05:41
Hello MineplayerHD,

the developers have been informed of this, at the moment you can download it from this page.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Author: michaelfrank    Time: 2019-5-17 21:54
Edited by michaelfrank at 2019-5-17 21:56

you can copy app link on Google Play and paste to this extension, that's will help you generate download link
Author: ahmadsuhaib    Time: 2019-6-26 00:08
Hey you can download it from
Also have a look at:


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