Title: FIX THIS WEBSITE: GET RID OF SPAM [Print this page]

Author: BootesVoid    Time: 2019-4-30 05:53
I am disappointed at how much spam is in this website, they are inappropriate and irrelevant. These irrelevant comments take a huge percent of all the comments, atleast 70%. Valuable comments should not be hidden with spam, and it discourages us because we feel like we are nor being heard.

Some of the posts/comments linked to porn! This is extremely unsafe to our young players, which is the majority

You guys need to recruit more moderators or any system to remove this explicit comments/posts.
Author: tnt    Time: 2019-6-28 10:06
+1 i have noticied this recently. really terrible moderation team
Author: Gh0sT_NZ    Time: 2019-7-5 09:54
Edited by Gh0sT_NZ at 2019-7-5 09:55

Big +1 of support from me.

Also noticed this alot.

I personally think the whole website needs to be redesigned. It looks kind of old and could do with a serious make over.

Not sure if the CD Developers actually care about there website at the moment because they could have forum moderators removing the spam posts and blocking the ip addresses that the spam people are posting from to eliminate the amount of spam being posted.

Hopefully soon they fix there website.
Author: LunaLove    Time: 2019-7-5 15:44
Edited by LunaLove at 2019-7-5 15:45


im already onto it since i got more Time now

There are actually more Forum-Members which do great work in Bugs and Problems.

Author: OfficialGB    Time: 2019-7-8 12:04
lol if you think the forum mods are bad have you even seen the devs of this game?

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