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Author: KaNeKi14    Time: 2019-4-30 07:21
Title: Help Me
I got a warning message after installation it says :
"Can't verify integrity of game engine, please fix the client.(1300)".
The message gives me 2 options , the first is "Fix" and the Second is "Exit", whenever i try to fix the problem it still occurs, please help.

Author: Aleksandar    Time: 2019-5-1 13:45
Startup problem can this be fixed or is beacause i have a samsung grand prime
Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-4 10:06
Repair your game engine
Author: Obei    Time: 2019-5-18 09:24
I have the same problem , cannot be fixed
Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-20 23:27
Reinstall? And clear cache

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