Title: I was banned incorrectly. [Print this page]

Author: cheroso    Time: 2019-5-8 15:37
Title: I was banned incorrectly.
I wanted to make a complaint because my account was suspended for 7 days, this afternoon I was playing with my friend and soon after I closed the game. Later, when I joined, my account was suspended from pairing. But I did not understand the reason, because in my perspective I did not violate any rule. So, I just wanted to know why they suspended my account.


Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-9 01:23
Was you guys teaming in solos?
Author: RealGlassYT    Time: 2019-5-9 06:39
Teaming in Solos shall not be against the rules. Nobody said you cannot team up in Solos.
Author: cheroso    Time: 2019-5-9 07:15
Warden01 replied at 2019-5-9 01:23
Was you guys teaming in solos?

I was not joining anyone, the proof of this is in my history of matches, because the last match was a doubles match.
Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-9 14:33
Hmm, I will tell the developers about this.

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