Title: bad stability [Print this page]

Author: Elbarbon01    Time: 2019-5-12 01:11
Title: bad stability
when the game starts, it takes me out of the game and when there are approximately 20 30 players left during the game, it's ok to get it ready before they took out the old map I played in the new one because I like it better and it did not take me out I do not know what happens  on an iPhone 6 I do not understand what they do because when the new map came out I did not have this
Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-20 23:48
I'm afraid it could just be a compatiblity issue with your device but don't worry, the developers are currently working on this issue.
Author: Elbarbon01    Time: 2019-5-22 06:18
I do not think it has to do with my device why it says clearly in the App Store that it is available and compatible with iPhone 6 among other devices but I appreciate that the developers are working on this, I hope that by the next season this annoying problem will be solved.  stability

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