Title: Ban Due To Use Of A VPN Service [Print this page]

Author: Contour    Time: 2019-5-18 19:01
Title: Ban Due To Use Of A VPN Service
so lemme explain exactly what happen so I was getting high ping in this m game and I use a proxy/VPN service cause they said on net using a vpn lowers input time on server when I research cause i had bad ms for some reson the name of this is surfshark and I was using it then the ping of game drop again we died to a team after I exit the game it showed I got a ban it didn't ban me in game it ban me right after I do not understand the problem I did face tho I that I had knock a dude with high ms I had a ping spike so he was on floor standing still for me and I Lazer him and he got knock after building up and died same time due to many shots that hit him, I would appreciate if you guys could sort this out as soon as possible I'm a professional player and I have had my clan oPs owner ancient test us for hacks before joining I have been ban twice since season 5 never in season 1-4 and its due to xmouse and vpn please sort this out as I need to. Complete my royal pass I would ild appreciate it
Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-20 23:25
Well, thank you for your report sir! I will contact the developers about this issue.

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