Title: Enemies teaming in a solo match [Print this page]

Author: DKBTW    Time: 2019-6-4 03:01
Title: Enemies teaming in a solo match
Edited by DKBTW at 2019-6-4 03:07

Got killed by two guys teaming in solos  IGN:
I spectate them for 5 mins after they kill me and they kill everyone in lion park together
and yes I'm sure it was a solo match I checked my history

Author: TuT    Time: 2019-6-6 22:42
Thanks for your report I will send it to the program team.
Author: Belahier    Time: 2019-6-9 09:11
Happens quite often. i guess it makes them feel skilled? easier to take 2vs1? or maybe its just funny

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