Title: lost account with new update [Print this page]

Author: YT46G09    Time: 2019-6-16 09:11
Title: lost account with new update
i went into play today and i hit the confirm button to confirm the update once it went to the game it had me as a guest, my account information is gone and is not coming up. how do i get it back? i have spent so much tine and money to lose the account now! HELP!
Author: Kopfsk    Time: 2019-7-9 10:20
Did you find a solution? I am having the same problem
Author: goalken    Time: 2019-7-14 23:19
I once had to be like you,geometry dash I kept all the information and contacted support and they returned my account. Please contact them to help them fear that your account has been hacked by someone
Author: EleanorW    Time: 2019-10-1 04:27
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Author: kashfi19    Time: 2019-12-23 04:27
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Author: kate123    Time: 2020-7-18 06:05
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