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Author: Viper88    Time: 2018-8-7 02:40
Title: Update Announcement (8/09 EST)
Dear Explorers:

To offer you a better gaming experience, our servers will be down for maintenance for some time. Check the information below to find out when the server will be up again in your area:
        #EDT (New York): August 9, 2018, 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM#
        #UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro): August 9, 2018, 4:00 AM - 6:00 AM#
        #UTC+1 (London): August 9, 2018, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM#
        #UTC+2 (Berlin, Paris): August 9, 2018, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM#
        #UTC+9 (Tokyo, Seoul): August 9, 2018, 16:00 - 18:00#

Completion time may be extended if maintenance cannot be finished within expected time. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience in such an event, and thank you for your support and understanding.

Whats New?

1. Add a new function, #Send Gifts#:
        (1) When viewing the profile page of other explorers, you can hit on the Gift button in the lower left corner of the page to send a gift and increase that explorer's Popularity.
        (2) Added a Popularity Ranking. The ranking will be based on the number of Popularity players gain via receiving gifts.

2. Add a new function, #Recommend Match#:
        (1) When there is an exciting match featuring top-ranked players, the match could be recommended to other players to spectate.
        (2) In order to ensure fairness, there will be a certain delay in the progress of the recommended matches.
        (3) Explorers can choose whether to allow their matches to be spectated in the Settings Panel.

3. Add a new function, #Verified Player#. Explorers can hit the Verify button in the lower left corner of the main interface to view the verified players of the current server.

4. Weapon adjustments:   
        (1) Slightly increased the arrow width of X-1 Future Arch.
        (2) Slightly increased the shooting speed of VHS.
        (3) Slightly reduced the recoil of XM8 and P357.
        (4) Fixed the issue that destructor can absorb the bullets from teammates into a shield. There is still a probability of absorbing bullets from the enemy.

5. Adjustments of Traps and Gadgets
        (1) The dash distance of the Coke Propeller has been increased to 120m.
        (2) The slow effect of LN2 Thrower has been strengthened.
        (3) The materials used for Beehive, LN2 Thrower and Air Pump has been reduced to 100, and the materials used for the Coke Propeller has been reduced to 150.

6. Added a new function, #GLooks Preview#l. Now explorers can hit the icon of the task and activity interface to see their character wearing new looks and holding the new weapons in advance!

7. UI Adjustment for Backpack in battle:
        (1) The backpack interface will be divided into 2 tabs, Looks and Items. Explorers can now change the looks they wear at will.
        (2) No longer displays the number of bullets in a magazine in the backpack, but the number of all available ammo.

8. When a chain explosion occurs in a building that has lost its support, the interval between explosions has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

9. The explorer's various settings in the Settings Panel will be saved in the account data so that the explorer can continue to use familiar settings after changing
devices or reinstalling the game.

10. Match optimization: It now takes at least 30 seconds to enter the game after the Ready scene.

11. Added more animations to the Parachute.

12. In order to make it easier for explorers to find an Airdrop, we have extended the duration of the Map markings and the light column of the airdrop.

13. When the Magic Box is loaded with the Magic Box Serum, the sound effect can be played normally.

14. Added a Close Room function in Custom Room.

15. In the Basic tab of the Settings Panel, explorers can now choose whether to display the Open Sight button. When unchecked, the hand-held firearm without the scope will not display the sight button to avoid some explorers misuse.

You can find our latest information and tell us what you think via:

-Creative Destruction Dev Team
(August 8th, 2018)

Author: Craazyy    Time: 2018-8-7 07:32
White Screen?  
Author: TheoTulyp    Time: 2018-8-7 15:06
Nothing about the solution of .exe again.. HAHAHAHAHA
Author: puntocom    Time: 2018-8-8 14:10
White screen and "client.exe"
Author: kirxcy_    Time: 2018-8-9 05:29
i seen railgun, where is it?
Author: ILIAS    Time: 2018-8-9 07:44
plz in the next update fix the lag maybe adding more graphic options

Author: ocelotcr    Time: 2018-8-9 08:41
Good job devs.
Author: Gustavodtrz    Time: 2018-8-9 09:14
And how about the bots?
Author: Visgamer    Time: 2018-8-9 12:00
it says railgun has arrived but no railgun in the game

Author: iiBeatGamer    Time: 2018-8-9 15:32
what about white screen problem???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Author: JuanVnzla    Time: 2018-8-9 17:21
puntocom replied at 2018-8-8 14:10
White screen and "client.exe"

ya esta solucionado Descargalo Denuevo
Author: Aure    Time: 2018-8-10 04:30
How can we be verify account?
Author: JuanEAP    Time: 2018-8-12 00:08

Genial,no solucionan el error de la pantalla blanca,pero aún asi sacan actualizaciones y sin embargo hay mas personas con el error que jugadores


Great, they do not solve the error of the white screen, but still get updates and yet there are more people with the error than players

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