Title: Necessary Optimizations Discussion With Ancient/fliq [Print this page]

Author: Ancient    Time: 2019-6-16 23:21
Title: Necessary Optimizations Discussion With Ancient/fliq
Edited by Ancient at 2019-6-16 23:29

In-game Name: fliq
ID: 10361390
Youtube Channel:

Hey it's fliq formally known as 'Ancient' I had a discussion with DJ Hammer about a few issues within the game and she had suggested that rather than discussing the issues with her personally I should confront the "Operation Team" who she stated are responsible for these typical discussions and also stated they can be contacted within the official forums of creative destruction, so here I am! The following problems will be directed at the Operation Team specifically.

Issue: Sensitivity & Field Of View
I have a very important request, as you know the majority of your player base do not own very good computers. With that being said many players play on lower resolutions such as I do. I personally play on low & stretched resolutions as you may have seen in my video's because I love it a lot more than the [native/default/regular] resolution. Stretched resolution would be considered game resolutions such as [1080x1080, 1154x1080, 1440x1080, 1444x1080, 1600x1080] those are all examples of stretched resolutions. I play at the resolution of [1080x1080] there are many problems playing with low resolutions. An example would be the outrageously large difference in speed between the horizontal & vertical sensitivities. The vertical sensitivity axis is much more slower and not at an equal speed with the horizontal axis. This is a problem because looking up towards the sky and down towards the ground is much slower than looking to your left & right. The sensitivity setting within the game does not provide us players with an option to adjust both the speed of our X and Y sensitivity axises. We are forced to play with an uneven sensitivity making it much more difficult to have perfect accuracy and also causes difficulties when a player attempts to build accurately. Another example of an issue with lower resolutions would be the loss in field of view, if you confused to what I am referring to when I mention "field of view" here is a video I have created as a demonstration [ ] this is a HUGE issue and leaves many players at a disadvantage such as myself. These issues cause me to not want to continue playing the game and most importantly not as a competitive player as these are very problematic issues. I would prefer that the developers attempt to stretch out lower resolutions in an attempt to allow us low resolution players to also be able to be at equal terms at all times [ ]. These are very large issues for not only me but other competitive players as well. These main two issues have caused me to be enraged many times and constantly motivate me to discontinue playing the game. I beg that these recommendations are taken into consideration as I can no longer deal with these differences.

Issue: Build Range
Another tweak that needs to be implemented into Creative Destruction is a fix on one of their most largest and frustrating mechanics... the building mechanics. Lets start by describing how headache worthy, choppy and terrible it feels to build in Creative Destruction at the moment. Building is very inaccurate, aggitating and repetitive due to the fact the range players are given to build is outrageously distant making it even more difficult to simply place a wall infront of your player without the game forcing you to place your wall 20 feet away. Above that issue the game also makes build battles 1 million times more frustrating due to the fact it allows players the ability to build more structures through their already built surfaces. Basically the games current building mechanism allow you to put ramps, walls a long with floors through your already built surfaces making it a headache when trying to build upwards to gain height above your opponent. This repetitive mechanic is also the reason to why materials are wasted unintentionally making it much easier to run out. I have created this video as an example [ ] If this does not seem like too much of an issue to the reader, I suggest they simply imagine a player with level 5 [ 400HP construction on placement, 550HP fully built ] sitting within his own box and spamming constructions through his already built walls making it nearly impossible to kill him.

Issue: Editing
It honestly feels as if you guys did not put any effort at ALL when designing this feature. The fact a player must equip the type of construction while staring at the floor/ramp/wall he or she wants to edit is one of the most terrible requirements anyone can imagine. It makes editing one of the most extremely difficult and time consuming features possible within Creative Destruction. It does not help that when attempting to quickly edit a construction it causes the players entire screen to flick as demonstrated in this video [ ]

Issue: Frames
The FPS count on Creative Destruction is extremely bad. Your entire community has told you that your new map has lowered the FPS count for everyone. YOUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY has begged for you to return old map as it was visually more soothing, 100% more smooth, 200% less bug consumed and gave all players of many devices much higher FPS counts and the ability to even play the game. Everyone has begged for its return! you as a disrespectful company realized no one enjoyed New Classic Map and instead would always choose Old Classic within custom games went out of your way to remove Old Classic Map PERMANANTLY for that exact reason! you practically forced us to play an un-optimized, error filled, broken map. Half of the player base have quit due to this horrible decision. We want the Old Map back.

Issue: Plasma SMG
The Plasma SMG has a capacity of 10-12 bullets per magazine. This is a huge issue as the weapon does not automatically reload once unequipped. The weapon at its current state the player to have the weapon equipped to uttilize its ability to automatically reload. In order to compensate for the low capacity of the magazine the weapon should at least have the ability to reload its self while unequipped to make irs presence more relevant. Currently rarely anyone uses this weapon although it has great potential.

Issue: Sniper Rifle AWP
There is an extremely bad delay/latency when a player presses his computer mouse to fire this weapon and the games reaction time in executing this action. Very similar situation to the issue that occured with Male characters and the pump shotgun. When firing the weapon it responds a lot later than requested causing it to be extremely difficult to use this weapon efficiently. Issue: C111 Stinger SMG
No one will ever, nor does anyone use this weapon. Players would rather pick up a uncommon 92F pistol over this horrible smg. Please give us better loot spawns by removing this awful implementation. Vault this weapon or make it relevant by buffing it.

Issue: Bandages
There is currently a bug when using this item to heal. The bug strips players of their ability to sprint and causes them to walk very slow until the bandage is used again. When a player is 100HP and are face to face with this error the only way to fix it is to either restart their game or purposely take damage in order to heal again. It happens almost every time when using a bandage making it extremely common.

Author: Ancient    Time: 2019-6-16 23:22
Edited by Ancient at 2019-6-16 23:24

Issue: Magic BoxesA recent update has caused the Magic Box's max magic serum capacity to drop from 6 to 3 serums per Magic Box [ 1 Serum = 25 Shield ] with that being said 3 Serums are equivalent to 75 shield in total which is pretty odd in my opinion. I recommend the max serum capacity for the Magic Box is increased to 4 [100 shield per box]

Issue: Vehicles
The radius in sound that Vehicles emmit is very low causing it to be very hard for a player to react fast enough before getting rammed by one of these vehicles. Another issue is once a player is hit by one of these vehicles they are placed in a state where they are unable to move at all. Even the slightest hit from a vechicle causes players to be stuck and bugged for a long period of time.

Issue: Killed through construction
This has been fixed before but has been introduced once again in the past recent updates. Players with extremely bad internet are given the ability to kill other survivors through most of their construction due to an issue where the player with extremely high latency does not have any visual of any sort of wall/ramp/floor that may be blocking the person they're attempting to eliminate when in reality there are constructions blocking the player who has lower latency from getting killed and he ends up dying either way. The majority of the time this issue is personally the main cause to most of my deaths.

This all I've got for now, more reports will come in the future. Hopefully these issues are resorted. Cya!!

Author: VeigaraliYT    Time: 2019-6-17 12:55
Author: CDHIGHLIGHTS    Time: 2019-6-17 13:49
This game is so bad I agree with everything pls fix game now or we will all leave it almost happened before
Author: Williebot3    Time: 2019-6-17 20:29
This game used to be fun but now it is stupid because ever since that came out with the new map things have just been really bad you keep on adding skins and not fixing the game I love CD but now it's trashed like r o s that was a fun game but too many bugs Nick keep on adding skins
Author: OfficialGB    Time: 2019-6-17 20:43
The developers deserve this criticism, they obviously need somebody to help translate because even this forum is frustrating to navigate through. The game is just garbage and was probably quick cash grab because of fortnite, I dont think they intend to make a good game, rather than take money from players like us and leave the game in a bad state.
Author: Hatred    Time: 2019-6-19 15:08
True. Please give us back Old Classis Map. I already left this game because of bugs and map,
Author: GrapezCd    Time: 2019-6-20 01:13
They should also fix when you finish using a coke propeller it makes you look all the way down.
Author: audreywells    Time: 2019-7-10 22:32
I will forward this to devs.


Use google street view in Google Maps

Author: LunaLove    Time: 2019-7-15 11:40

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