Title: Crosshair glitches to the right [Print this page]

Author: SirPepe    Time: 2019-7-2 10:19
Title: Crosshair glitches to the right
Like the title says, sometimes the crosshair instantly lags to the right after firing the first shot, and you need to correct back and it works alright for some time....

This glitch have been around since i started in s3, and I was hoping for it to get fixed but its still here so making this thread as a reminder.
Moral of the story is, fix the bugs and glitches asap, not let them be there until too many people starts nagging.....that makes it look like devs dont care

- Pepe

Author: Methven123    Time: 2019-7-3 10:03
i agree this has to be fixed very shortly, as its very buggy and annoying
Author: SirPepe    Time: 2019-7-6 04:39
Yes! its been there since i started playing in S4, and sometimes it happens in the middle of an intense fight, and thats not exactly an advantage

Author: Tomanator    Time: 2019-7-11 17:15
I've been having this since i first started playing in season 1! At first I thought it was my mouse, so I bought another one and it still did it. i stopped playing for a while and come back to find it still doing it, this is first post I've seen about it too so assumed it was a rare occurrence
Author: SirPepe    Time: 2019-7-12 01:32
A friend of mine who lives in the same city as I, have had the exact same problem as well. And still have so he quit playing this game because of the bugs that doesent get fixed. I know there are others with this problem which I ve met in random squads/duos and discussed that via mic.

Sad to hear about the mouse man. I hope they fix this before more people quit or buy new mouses and pc's...

I did not see any post as well, guess too many people dont bother using the forums....


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