Title: screen gets dim while playing the game? [Print this page]

Author: sk3llwo    Time: 2019-7-6 15:21
Title: screen gets dim while playing the game?
idk if this happens with anyone else, but my screen gets extremely dim when I try to play the game. It’s been happening for a while now. when I close the app, my screen will get bright again. It was tolerable for a while but it’s really annoying. no matter how much I try to change the brightness in the control center, it stays the same.
Author: LunaLove    Time: 2019-7-8 10:03

try disabling automatic brightness if you have that
Author: adaberry    Time: 2019-7-16 02:10
Edited by adaberry at 2019-7-16 02:13

Thank you so much solution working

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Author: longjumper    Time: 6 day(s) ago
The problem you're having is really frustrating, and I hope you've solved it.


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