Title: Too much Lag, Optimization is needed, on the map and throughout the game [Print this page]

Author: AnthonyPC    Time: 2019-7-6 17:37
Title: Too much Lag, Optimization is needed, on the map and throughout the game
Edited by AnthonyPC at 2019-7-6 17:39

Estoy teniendo problemas en cuanto a la optimización del juego y no solo yo también los usuarios están teniendo estos problemas. Por eso recurren a otro juego. Este juego es exelente, pero la lentitud debe ser, debe optmimizar mas y dejar de centrar en poner mas y mas pieles (Trajes), en cada actualización de los fps bajan, antes de ser una velocidad decente de 40-60fps, pero con las nuevas cosas ahora juego a 20fps, Yy no solo eso hay demasiados bichos, estos son: 1-Todas las armas desaparecen por cierto Tiempo. 2- El mapa tarda demasiado en cargar. 3-Aveces las contrucciones no se completan y no es por mi ping por que es de 60ms. Espero y sere Opmizar mucho el juego ya que es un exelente juego pero el retraso, daña la experiencia en el juego. Saludos y un abrazo equipo de CD.

I have problems with the optimization of the game and not only me, many users have these problems. That's why they resort to another game. This game is excellent, but the slow fight, should optimize more and stop focusing on putting more and more masks (costumes), in each update the fps go down, before playing at a decent speed of 40-60 fps, but with the new updates now game at 20 fps, and not only that there are too many errors, these are: 1-All weapons disappear for a set time. 2- The map takes too long to load. 3-Sometimes, the constructions are not completed and it is not due to my ping because it is 60 ms. I hope and I can opt greatly to the game, since it is an excellent game, but the delay damaged the experience in the game. Greetings and a hug to the CD team.

Author: Gh0sT_NZ    Time: 2019-7-7 01:04
I don't have any issues with lag when I play this game. I also get about 80-160FPS on Ultra in game.
Author: AnthonyPC    Time: 2019-7-7 12:38
It's because you have good PC -.- This game is poorly optimized, it asks for a lot of resources when the game does not have so many graphic details. Well, not everyone has the same luck of having a good PC. But what I say is that before the game I was going to 30-45fps now I'm going to 15-20Fps is hard to play like that and that in each update is slower

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