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Author: Mkgamer696    Time: 2018-6-22 06:06
Title: Custom room
How can i get authorized to create custom room
Author: cachorrovolador    Time: 2018-6-22 10:30
yes i agree with you idea
Author: Rav    Time: 2018-6-27 06:25
It is only available for Creative Destruction staff for now
Author: Osu21    Time: 2018-8-23 04:06
I Need a custom room because I am organizing a tournament...

Author: hamzus2279    Time: 2018-9-28 16:14
i need custem rooms to do live
Author: Masa    Time: 2018-9-29 06:31
I nead costom room because I play with friends PLS!!
Author: Akilliz    Time: 2018-9-29 07:34
we should get an item that we can earn like in pubg mobile "room cards" to be able to make custom rooms. But they should be limited. If everyone could do it all the time, it would make matching much harder cause everyone would be in customs all the time
Author: ThatAmvKidLj96    Time: 2018-9-29 21:37
I need a costom room because I want all my subs to play and have fun
Author: Hussain2142    Time: 2018-10-18 10:03
i have a create room
Author: Jos3phreal    Time: 2018-11-19 10:44
Hi, I would love to have the possibility to create private servers, to play with friends. can you put it ?? please. this is my Jos3phreal id
Author: BabaRadojka    Time: 2018-12-13 13:26
Can I get authorization for custom rook? I will stream and upload videos about creative destruction. I would play and share with friends. Please! Thank you!
Author: BabaRadojka    Time: 2018-12-13 13:31
Can I get authorization for custom room? My cd name is BabaNaMotoru. If I get custom rooom I will stream and make videos about creative dastruction! I will share the game with my friends! I will be so thanful if I get custom room autorization. Thank you!
Author: dj30dollars    Time: 2019-2-1 02:02
Rav replied at 2018-6-27 06:25
It is only available for Creative Destruction staff for now

Hi I am dj30dollars on Twitch and CD, would it be possible to use a custom room on Sunday Feb 3rd 2019 for this event ...... ... 2882560/information
My phone number is 707-372-9573 and My email is

Dennis Steward
Author: Lazar_cali    Time: 2019-2-4 05:01
I want custom room to be able to play woth friends with modes that we can not play in battle royale like blast mode so we can have fun like we use to.
Author: saifhj    Time: 2019-2-5 17:13
i want to know too
Author: Youngdixiebaby    Time: 2019-2-16 21:29
How to  get creative room
Author: AmateurProKiddo    Time: 2019-3-26 11:07
i need custom room for a tournament

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