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Author: ThunderGamingCD    Time: 2019-7-8 10:32
Title: season 1
i am playing from season 1 didnt got anything from any events i applied its fine i always buy diamonds for packs didnt got anything good yet its okay i spent more then 2000 diamonds on spin for sure but didn’t got anything good yet its fine well i have better experience with old map and it was never laggy after new map appeared ITS NOT FINE FVCKING REMOVE THIS MAP ITS SOMUCH BUGGY EVERYONE IS QUITING THIS GAME MY OG FRIENDS TOO YOU BETTER REMOVE THIS NEW MAP NO ONE LOVES IT!!! EVERY MATCH LAGS ME OUT SO MADDDD YOU GUYS ADDING NEW STUFFS but not fixing the game seriously i jave better experience then yall or take my account and give my all money i spent on this game i am gonna move to others game like my friends did or fix the game !!! or let me move my ios account on android device so help me in something!!!!’ sorry!!! and thanks for nothing!!! but i will appreciate ur reply with good news
Author: beat1112    Time: 2019-7-9 20:13
sooooooooooooooo trueeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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