Title: gamepad palyer [Print this page]

Author: 3imed55    Time: 2019-7-10 07:44
Title: gamepad palyer

hello i am a gamepad player i love your game but i can't play her correctly because i use joystick to keybord to play creative destrection with my gamepad please make gamepad config on your game ( i play creative destrection on pc ) and make more option in graphic confic like game resolution and enable/disable shadow and and grass qualitie ( i have bad english sorry)
Author: Matejovce    Time: 2019-7-12 06:37
You can not play with a joystick, or can you?
Author: 3imed55    Time: 2019-7-13 02:17
i can but by using some tools there no in game configration for gamepad

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