Title: Why the opponent can shoot through your walls (Brief Hitscan Guide) [Print this page]

Author: Laytrix    Time: 2018-8-24 09:51
Title: Why the opponent can shoot through your walls (Brief Hitscan Guide)
Many people complain when they get killed through cover, but that's something called hitscan, which is briefly explained in this video

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Author: Laytrix    Time: 2018-8-25 07:05
The reason some people call it a glitch is because they don't understand hitscan, or they do but they think some hitscan code is overlapping hit detection code, which is very possible and could be fixed.
Author: kiwi    Time: 2018-8-26 00:14
but we dont want it like that atleast try to improve...everybody is angry by getting the shots behind the wall
Author: eLiteGam3r    Time: 2018-9-5 17:29
Wrong.. it’s due to poor netcode. Has nothing to do with the fact that it’s hitscan instead of hit detection.
Author: Laytrix    Time: 2018-9-6 16:43
Okay I've seen like 5 people complain that I'm wrong but they are saying something different from the other 4 people here.... It's starting to seem like everyone thinks it's something else...
Author: tieuunhi    Time: 2019-2-3 12:06
Edited by tieuunhi at 2019-2-3 12:08

there are people who shoot through walls even when I hide behind rocks, buildings, trees, and when I shoot, I need to break them first, and most importantly they always know where I am.
Author: ArinaFow    Time: 2019-8-11 05:29
Title: Why the opponent can shoot through your walls Brief Hitscan Guide
I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

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