Title: Sounds from Cars / Quads issue [Print this page]

Author: Tomanator    Time: 2019-8-10 09:09
Title: Sounds from Cars / Quads issue
Yeah, if y'all could raise the volume of the cars or the detection range that would be great.

I just came out of a match (wasnt recording unfortunately) and I was killed whilst running..

watched the replay and the dude had followed me for 4-5 seconds before driving at me and running me over, they where close enough that i should of heard them or saw the warning on screen before they hit me, but neither happened. My computer volume is at max, the game volume is at max and my headsets volume control is at max so there is no way I "just didnt hear it"  

Author: SirPepe    Time: 2019-8-11 05:14
I support that!

Happened to me a couple times as well, nothing until its too late...
Also, maybe nerf them a little? With Full Shield and HP, you easily get killed by 1 hit from a car or ATV in just 1 hit (that you dont know is coming)

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