Title: Error 500 [Print this page]

Author: Jos√©GabrielRP    Time: 2019-8-15 16:39
Title: Error 500
Edited by JoséGabrielRP at 2019-8-15 16:56

Hello everyone!
Could someone help me solve this problem please? My internet connection is fine, but I still get this problem.
Thanks to all who can or try to help me!
I play on the Steam version.
"Failed to download update update configuration file. Check network and try again (500)"

Author: HasanBaig    Time: 2019-8-16 15:31
same error here after 15 august probably dev fked up ..... i redownloaded game 10 times still same error .... error 602 for me........ plz tell me if u find a solution
Author: JaquerPk    Time: 2019-8-16 17:17
Hello, the same error happens to me too, I hope a hero with no cape arrives to help us xD, well one of the administration.

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