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Author: PotatoplaysYT    Time: 2019-8-23 08:08
Title: Chromebook Version
I just got a new Chromebook and I want to get Creative Destruction on it but I can't get it on my chromebook because it sais it is not available for the chromebook and asks me to ask the  developers of they can make it available for my device. So I am asking you if you can make it available to the chromebook. If you can I would be the first person to download it. Please try to make this work. Thankyou.
Author: ttv_luis2k19    Time: 2020-5-23 13:42
yea me too i was trying to play creative destruction and its did not work so i told the develapor to make a version for the chrome book

Author: Yuki    Time: 2020-9-14 18:37
Same here Im wating and im wondering if the chroombook version came out yet

Author: xfine    Time: 2020-9-20 13:23
hury up like

Author:    Time: 2020-11-30 08:56
hi my friend

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