Title: Tournament Diamond Claim [Print this page]

Author: giancvl305    Time: 2020-1-19 17:41
Title: Tournament Diamond Claim
I'm still waiting for an answer because I haven't received the diamonds from the tournament !!!! I enclose an image to observe that I am in position 15 and so far no diamond has reached me, I just hope they keep their word.
Psdt: Cambié mi nombre recientemente de (gIANCVL305 a • MY $ TERIO •).
Author: JiN    Time: 2020-1-21 13:56
Same reason, I'm waiting for diamonds but, my case is I won the event from Facebook. I haven't received any diamonds yet.
Author: giancvl305    Time: 2020-1-22 08:21
Como podríamos comunicarnos y hacerle la razón a estas personas
Author: aloha11x    Time: 2020-1-22 22:10
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Author: giancvl305    Time: 2020-1-25 00:23
Cualquier cosa pero la cosa es que nos respondan

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