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[EN] How to Improve your Game - Part 2

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In-Game Name: AcE_Pratish
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Server: MED server (PC)
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1. How to Snipe
- The main and easiest way on how to snipe is know your distance. For eg. If your under 100m you wont have much of a projectile. So your bullet will travel on a straight path while hitting a headshot. But, as the distance increases for more than 150m or 200m, Aim your aim on top of the enemy for a precise shot. Since, the bullet will be traveling with a projectile. If not headshot, you do have bodyshot.Somethings good than Nothing. You Know !!!! Also, dont worry if you miss a shot. You learn by making mistakes, so give it a try.

2. How to increase your Rank
- In order to increase your rank, you need to increase rank points for that you need both your time and patience. You also need to get more wins and stay under top 10 in a game to give you a boost on your ranking system. Remember, leaving the game will make you decrease your rank points affecting your rank.

3. X- Bow
- X-Bow is a hard gun to master. For u to hit is really hard. But we can with practise. Like, Snipers we just have to know the distance of our enemy but this time Unlike snipers, you have dots in your aim sight which will give you the distane as like: 150m or 180m. You can point that dot to the target and bam the kill is yours. Also, note the xbow does more damage than snipers and is hard to master.

4. Dont be Afraid of TrendSetter,Fashion Setter, Hottest and the guys below them.
- Of Course, they might be good at the game and have been playing since a long time. But, you know its a game anything could happen. Also, it is not based on skills but is based on the clothes you have. You know like the IPhones, the latest you have the famous you are among your friends. So dont be afraid to pick up a fight.

5. Recoil
- The guns like: Scar, AKM have a lot of recoil comparing to Uzi. So to solve that, you have two ways:
   Either,you shoot one bullet at a time by Clicking the Left Mouse Button once a time. Remember this increases its accuracy by a huge amount and is more accurate,dependable than the one below.Recommended for Long Range if you wanna AR him. Right after the sniper shot.
   Or,you shoot at them holding the Left Mouse Button, just after you start to have that shaking feeling which is recoil, aim a bit higher to hit your shots. Remember this decreases your accuracy and might not be so accurate and dependable. Still, can be used at Short Range. Recommended for Short Range if you dont have Shotgun or Uzi.

6.Time you Run
- Being away from the Storm is the most important part of the game. So, rather than Staying Late Looting. Time your Run to Avoid the storm damage.

7. Gonna Die in the Storm
- If you feel like your gonna die in the storm, then carry some bandages and medkits with you. Even some shields. Shields are also depleted in the game so better get some meds and shield to get to the safe zone.

8. Contain at least one healing item in the loadout
- While in game, at least contain one healing item in the loadout. For eg: Magic Box carries up to 6 shields, Medkits can be carried up to 3 and bandages to 15. So, when injured while in a fight at least contain one healing item to get a second life to fight with the enemy.

9. Avoid getting Lags
- If you are getting serious lags. Instead of your wifi, use the LAN cable. Because the response time in wifi is slow and LAN cable is fast. So better use LAN cable for a fast data transfer. And, for more kills. I Mean who doesnt want kills right.

10. Get Higher FPS
- If you are having problems with FPS, you should better change your settings. Change it from ultra to the way you prefer and your game is more playable. Also, If your game is like too much having FPS Drop. Dont Multi-task. So, close all your background programs such as: chrome etc that uses your RAM to give a boost to the FPS.

So these are some of my tips, if you want more. You can say it to me.

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