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Author: Amine|Ess
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CD Shotgun

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Edited by Osh33y at 2019-6-24 07:58

@Amine you mean about shotgun firing rate & aiming or aiming with all unscoped weapons or mouse movement in game??
i think the aiming with the all of weapons in game, (For me chaning the cursor speed in windows to values of my display scaling which is 125%) so i use 6/11 gives much more precission and accurate becouse is respond 1:1 to your mouse dpi settings.
*for me on 125%(default) on resolution (1920x1080) so i use  values 6/10 (couting from 0-10) of windows cursor options & 400 dpi on my mouse

1. Check what "display scaling" you have & pick yours "xxx%(default)" scaling of screen.

to do this by going with:
windows 10: right click on desktop ---> display settings-->"scale and layout"
windows 7: right click on desktop -> personalize -> display

*xxx% means the values below

2. Set Windows Cursor/Pointer speed to "5/10" or "6/10" TO DO THIS GO

* windows 7 : to  ->control panel->mouse->pointer options
* windows 10 : to  settings ->devices->mouse -> (addtional mouse options) -> pointer options

*5/10 for 100% display scaling
*6/10 - for 125% display scaling

*Uncheck "Enchance Mouse Pointer precission"
*restart your pc.

* in picture 5/10 settings (after moving to 6) - its gonna be 6/10

After doing this is more accurate for me, also when i put in game graphic settings
"virtual synchronization" [ON]
my laptop display is 65hz, and fps always 65+ on ultra high graphic options.
mouse movement is different also when "Virtual synchronization" is [OFF] so check both after doing steps when i wrote on top.


personaly i suppose the problem is of wrong optimalization by the game i mean (players position tracking on 60hz refresh rate) & fps drops out.
i dont know how its on (120hz+monitors) but for sure (when enemy moving and you shoting on him is more faster response than (60hz monitors)
Maby someone can say something about aiming/shoting  at the point on high refresh rate monitor displays??
maby it help to you or the others players from (C.D) if it does i will make topic in explorer guides ))


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