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[New] Dev Q/A! (Rewards!)

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Ask The Developers Questions for Rewards!

When will that new blaster be available? How about new game modes?

Just Reply Below with your Questions & Win Rewards!

-->Check the Requirements BEFORE Replying<--

[Q/A Time]
Sept. 10th ~ Sept. 23rd


1. Please Reply in the following way...

ID (Click Avatar):

2. After the event we will Send rewards & provide the answers given by the Devs!

>>300 Star Coins to 10% of the number of valid questions submitted!<<

【Note】Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.
【Note 2】The replies are ordered by date in descending

Good Luck Explorers!

-C.D. Community Team

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Edited by Nialixus at 2018-9-10 21:51

ID : 10903999
Nickname : Nialixus
Server : US Mobile Platform

Suggestion : 1. Login option : there are 2 options when we open this game, it's "continue" and "stop".
I think it's not a necessary option, i mean we all do know this game is an online game, so we understand it's required internet connection. I suggest to remove that option.

2. Missing letters : When i got disconnected i need to restart my mobile data, so it means i need to minimize this game's window, but somethime(not everytime) when i go back to c.d. windows some letter become missing. I suggest to fix that issue.

3. Poor Performance : so i'm using xiaomi redmi note 4 it has 3 GB ram, it's quite laggy to play even in lower performance, that is so dissapointong. I mean for comparison in pubg mobile this phone can play it smoothly. We are hoping in near future this game will be friendly for even in 2 GB ram devices.

4. Flag : I have another suggestion > first, you guys need to redesign and resize the flag, second, the flag need to be showed up on the left of our nickname in game while we playing.

5. Translator : it's everybody wishes that you guys add their own native language, so i suggest that you guys can use us to translate this games for free. Just add the english into google online document or something, and everyone can input their own language.

6. Destructor design : it's not so stunning to see how the destructor works. So i suggest that you guys make special effect for some destructor. For example Drill Destructor, the effect need to look powerful, and dangerous.

7. The Wall Design : I suggest to make a skin for every wall, not just a sticker, but different skin like wood, iron. Ya we know that's probably to similar to fortnite, well just make it different but looks cooler.

8. Traps and gadget : this is one of the most important. The traps rarely to use, because it's not so effective if people can know that there is a trap. So i suggest we don't need to build wall to put the traps. Just stick it to anything like grass, house's wall, floor, etc.

9. Bear statue : it's make me cautious when i see the bear statue from further. I mean you guys need to add colorful outline on it not just glittering sparks, because it's not so efficient.

10. Server name : yup, some people don't understand the abridgment of the server's name. It is not hard isn't it to put the full name of the server. I mean AS server and US Server? In my country it means the same country.

11. Text Box : add text box feature that can be used in-game directly while we playing.

12. Like/Thumbs up : i suggest add this feature. After we finish the game, so our team can like us.

13. Vehicle : we need vehicle to travel that long way.

14. Shards : so we can only get the shards if only we got same suit that we already have, but it's not work for same guns, same accessories, etc. So i suggest that all the same items even the trial one will be converted to shards.

15. Server's Character Data : nah we all do know if we change the server, our character data is totally different. So i suggest that we only have 1 character's data that can be used in any server.
16. Usb OTG PlayStation Controller : so i have this controller and can be used to play some emulator games, and i wish there is a way that we can use this controller to play this game.

17. Add new maps or just mini maps for some specific mode.

I guess that's it for now, looking forward to your reply. Cheers.


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