Title: REPORT PROBLEM [Print this page]

Author: G_killerX    Time: 2020-4-3 12:04
Dear Development team ,
Please take my message seriously ,
Creative destruction is now have a lot of problems:
( I have infinix Hot s3 with 3gb ram and snapdragon octacore )
✖the game is lagging all the time
✖the fps is less than 20fps even when i'm playing playground mod .
✖i have a stable network , but the ping is allways between 70ms and 300ms .
✔ For these problem i have small idea :
You know that samsung glaxy grand prime plus device (1.5 Ram) run creative destruction with opption "compatible",
So you can add option for that bottom for all device if they want to play with lower graphics and higher fps and ping .
✖ in game option :
We have green fragment in depot but there is no more skins to buy it with green fragment .
✔ try adding more suits and skins with green fragment
✖ we don't have purples fragments and also no usable ( i dont know why , there is no reason for it ) .
Please make sure that you read carefully my message , thx for your understand , and please i want real Human reply to me , not Bot chat . thank you.
Author: omar202123    Time: 2020-4-5 10:57
hola amigo cuando intento entrar con mi cuenta de usuario de axeso5 no me deja y me dice que es posible que esten en mantenimiento pero el mantenimiento termino hace 2 dias ayudaaaaaa
Author: nobita77    Time: 2020-4-9 03:37
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