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Author: Cadman6    Time: 2018-10-5 23:16
Title: New CD Clan
Edited by Cadman6 at 2018-10-5 23:17

Hello everyone,

My name is Twitch_Cad and I am starting a new clan called PurE

The clan is intended to be a very high level PC and Mobile Clan
We intend to participate in scrims and Tournaments

Our requirements:
Gold +12+ y/o
Level 10+
Win Ratio 10%
KDR 3 or higher
At Least 50 Matches
Join our discord server if you are interested in trying out

Thanks-  PurE Cad

Author: AVSINGH    Time: 2019-1-21 04:23
discord doesnt exist
Author: CraZe    Time: 2019-1-21 09:36
Discord link is broken
Author: Vermilion    Time: 2021-1-11 13:59
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