Title: [Panda Tutorials] Part 2.1 - Best Guns [Print this page]

Author: KoruePanda    Time: 2018-7-17 00:56
Title: [Panda Tutorials] Part 2.1 - Best Guns
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Part 2.1

Best Guns

First thing to do when you drop is get whatever guns are available on your vicinity.

Warning - Don't be choosy on what guns you pick. Get whatever is available and replace it when you find something better.

You don't want to be walking around with just one rifle or smg just because you don't want to use shotguns or pistols.

Reason is it's faster to switch to another gun than to reload.

I'll be giving my recommendations with my Top Pick and Second Choice.

Get what ever has the better rarity when you spot one in-game.

Common < Uncommon < Rare < Epic < Legendary

*1st Item Slot = [Rifle] Middle Range to Slightly Far Range - You can never go wrong with a rifle

Always equipped and your main source of firepower.

Top Pick:


All around well-balanced gun

2nd Option


Higher Damage but higher recoil

*2nd Item Slot = [SMG] Short range to Middle Range - Burst someone out of their Shield or HP

As I said earlier, it's faster to switch to another gun than to reload.

Always second slot so you can quickly switch out of your rifle.

Top Pick


My most favorite gun. Highest firing rate out of all guns.

Perfect for short range encounters. You could pop someone in seconds!

But rarity only goes up to RARE so dont expect you'll find an Epic/Legendary version.

2nd Option


There's only two SMG available anyway (lol)


*3rd Item Slot = Two Choices depending on Scenario

[SNIPER] Very Far Range -

High Damage especially with Headshots. Use this first if you spot someone who hasn't notice you yet.

If you can, please always aim for headshots . Good for scouting places with the scope.

Top Pick:


Use this if you're good with headshots. (x8 scope to ensure better aim)

Can one-shot kill someone (headshot)

Has mini-reload animation every shot so low firing rate.

2nd Option


If you can't do headshots. Use this for bodyshots. (x4 scope)

Low recoil and decent firing rate for a sniper.

[SHOTGUNS] Very Short Range -

Very High damage if you want to get up close and personal.

Not recommended for early in the game. Better than sniper when the safe zone is small.

Top Pick


Low firing rate. Can one-shot kill someone.

~ End of Part 2.1 ~

Continued on Part 2.2

( Click here )

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Thanks panda
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Other Pictures did not upload.

Relax, it's good this way ^^
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Title: Panda Tutorials Part 2 1 Best Guns
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