Title: Guide on getting Permanent One-piece Costumes [Print this page]

Author: KoruePanda    Time: 2018-7-17 22:26
Title: Guide on getting Permanent One-piece Costumes
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Guide to getting Permanent Costumes (One-Piece)

On this guide, you will learn one of the most sureball ways on getting

some nice and stylish cosmetics.

Step 1.

Save some gold

Step 2.

Go to the supply store and click preview on

Regular Supply Box

Step 3.

Choose a normal costume to preview. (dont skip)

(Warning - don't choose the costume you want, the system feels it and will not give you what you want )

Step 4.

You are now ready to open!

Click this

Step 5.

Be patient

you won't always get it at your first few tries

1st Open
Dang it

2nd Open
don't fret

3rd Open

4th Open

5th Open
Not bad

7th Open
don't cry just yet

9th Open

See?! You just need the proper method to do it.

10th Open
meh, I didn't even care at all at this point

12th Open
I got two of this now.

Step 5.

Celebrate!!! Woohooo!

Wait a minute

Step 6.

(why you do dis to me)


(Accidentaly attached some files, oops)

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a1.jpg (19.14 KB, Downloads: 76)


a2.jpg (15.26 KB, Downloads: 73)


a4.jpg (18.65 KB, Downloads: 78)


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watch one piece for people

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Copy the Code

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watch one piece for here
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I didnt understand but ok
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