Title: How to climb easy and quick [Print this page]

Author: xElessaway    Time: 2018-7-17 23:35
Title: How to climb easy and quick
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-【 Hello Everybody 】-

Hello Guys today i'll tell you small tips to cilmb easy in game

1. Key Binds

Make Your Shortcuts easy to reach

2. Build
       【Try To Stay Def your back , your left and right while you are snipe anyone. you can build your Custom build by using it on the left lobby

3. Aim
                                【Try To aim the Headshot because it's the most place with high damage

So if your aim is bad you can try aimbooster It will help you to get good aim i tried it
Website :

4. Foucs
                      【Foucs on your health and your shiled. and keep always Med kit with you and foucs on safe zone

5. Think like fox
                                       【try to be like a fox. come from back and get him easily

6. Fails and Gain
                      【Don't Disappointed after your dead in 2nd place. Just Stand up again and gain to reach the 1st
7. Calculate
                            【While you are sniping anyone try to calculate the distance between you and him

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CustomBuild Place

CustomBuild Place

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Aim and Stay Behind like a fox

Aim and Stay Behind like a fox

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Title: How to climb easy and quick
Currently Im using AIMP, I may go back to my old trusty Winamp soon though.  Thanks for youre help, Ill try your solution in the next day or 2 and get back to you.
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