Title: 26 Bugs and crashes [Print this page]

Author: Pedrinho1799    Time: 2020-10-15 20:24
Title: 26 Bugs and crashes
1-When you build a ramp to the ceiling, you are crouched and walking.  after breaking the ramp the character teleports to the ceiling
2-After the person dies, when their avatar is rising upwards, they build a Box and place traps quickly inside the construction box.  The player's card disappears
3-After using the monkey's ability to add another weapon slot, another inventory slot appears that cannot be used by other players, and then the inventory gets buggy and gets big enough to move over the move button.
4-After using the Motorcycle and activating its turbo, if it hits an obstacle the bike is thrown too far.  often being able to cross the boundary of the map
5-The legendary shotgun has damage have buggy gun.  Often shot in the head takes very little life, as well as in the body, which would take a lot of damage takes only half of life, often it is necessary to kill the person with 2 shots or more.  Since other weapon rarities often kill people with one shot
6-often turret shots go through constructions and obstacles
7-There is an error that if the player dies, if he uses the money dance, the person's card appears at the edge of the map teleporting
8-Another mistake, and you shoot a person with a weapon that has no transmission and quickly switch to the weapon that has transmission.  it is possible to pass the transmission of the other weapon
9-Many crashes that cause the game to freeze.  This happens on all cell phones, and with all my friends they suffer it every day
10-After using the custom structure, it has a delay until the player is on top of the building.
11-There is an error that the character after using the parachute, he gets stuck in buildings and it takes like 5 to 6 seconds to disable the parachute
12-it is possible to lock the propeller with the gyroscope.  and then you can move around really fast and spin around with it
13-The servers and people are very laggy, If I quickly go after a building, for the other person it happens that I was not yet behind the building.  and we often die "Shots without sight of range"
14-there is an error, that after being inside a construction box with a ramp, if you use the crouched propellant you are teleported upwards.
15-Vehicles need to be improved and optimized, as well as the game itself.  And we want a new map, the old one was much more the face of the game
16-there is an error, that after restarting the car, it cannot move fast or activate the turbo.
17-Often the button to activate the car or any other vehicle does not work
18-after reactivating the car, it often enters mountains or buildings.  and is thrown too far
19-if you're using Pet Hammer's ability to pick up material, you can't revive an ally.  because whenever a material arrives in the inventory, the time to revive for
20-after placing a mine trap on the ground, it does not activate immediately if an enemy is nearby.  often passes near or on top and does no harm
21-Air deliveries for departures are not falling.  They can only be invoked
22-The left arm is often invisible
23-Sometimes if you hit a person inside the vehicle, it is possible to kill them "run over" even when they are inside the car, motorcycle or buggy
24-Sometimes the destroyer is invisible, but it is possible to revert by selecting a weapon and switch to the destroyer again.
25-When using the monkey's skill, other players' inventory gets buggy, and keeps changing items or weapons nonstop after running over items
26-sometimes before hitting the ground.  if you use the propellant you die from a fall
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