Title: [POLL] Get rid of loot boxes [Print this page]

Author: SlowHandsX    Time: 2018-10-29 23:16
Title: [POLL] Get rid of loot boxes
Edited by SlowHandsX at 2018-10-31 13:11

Seeing that the best suits and accessories can only be obtained through a loot box makes me don't want to spend my money to buy diamonds and better keep buying objects with gold and star coins.
Increase the price of the objects if you want, but get rid of loot boxes
I do not like to compare the game with Fortnite, but in this case you should take an example from them or else it will end like overwatch ended with their loot boxes

It would be better for the developers to set a defined price to the objects ... I mean, the halloween costume is very well designed, it is the only suit that looks super good and the only one that I really like so far and the only way to get it is literally betting your diamonds and even so you have a ridiculously small chance to get it... it is not in any other section of the store, tell me how many people have you recently seen with this suit? I bet absolutely no one, and you know why? because that loot box has 45 objects ... 45! and the worst is that you do not even have a probability of 1 in 45 to get it, the probability is much less due to the rarity of the item.

I would really like to buy diamonds to get items, but as i've already said i'm dissapointed because there's really no cool items to buy with them, all the cool suits are inside loot boxes and I would just be throwing my money to the garbage.

Author: VitalGW    Time: 2018-10-31 05:13
In my opinion a company needs to make money somehow. Loot boxes are a way to get premium cosmetics and a good way of doing so. They give 0 advantages in game other then a score of how much money you spent to look cool. I think it should stay so we can support the game.
Author: Calmon_    Time: 2018-10-31 12:00
VitalGW replied at 2018-10-31 05:13
In my opinion a company needs to make money somehow. Loot boxes are a way to get premium cosmetics a ...

Yeah, a company really need money to pay server and dev team, but loot box is stupid way to do this. There a lot of an options and loot boxes is worst. It can upset player to stop playing. The reality is the game need to be great with that player dont buy, making him spend money, not disappointing upset olders players that spend money and receive nothing.

In last case, if the company still want loot boxes, they need to implement a system that increase % of chance of every item in the box and dont repeat reward one time gived, making in sometime that dream item will be gifted. After this, the % reset from the start.
Author: Calmon_    Time: 2018-10-31 12:05
Eg. That new look Hallowitch male set, it is awesome, but is impossible to receive it. You need to spend a lot of money and MAYBE you can do it. Why not set for "2000" diamonds? I think this sell more than a remote chance do receive it.

If the set had a price, I would have bought it, but it's just a cash box, f *** the cash box.
Author: SlowHandsX    Time: 2018-11-3 17:28
VitalGW replied at 2018-10-31 05:13
In my opinion a company needs to make money somehow. Loot boxes are a way to get premium cosmetics a ...

I ain't asking for free skins dumbass
Author: Naberius    Time: 2018-11-13 02:15
I agree these need to disappear, I spent like not to lie over 2.500 diamonds and I still didn't get it, and not even the wings or horns if the suit was listed in the mall for 2.500 be sure I'd buy it without paying a second thought about doing it because I know I get to have it, but as it is right now, I have no suit, no diamonds, no money. I love this game, but if I didn't I wouldn't have spent that much money to get it and I would've quitted to be honest.

Author: Warden01    Time: 2019-5-19 13:30
Thank you for the suggestions, I will let the developers know about this ;)
Author: MayaBustard    Time: 2020-4-24 02:14
thanks for this
Author: FrankJScott    Time: 2021-9-23 18:28
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