Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs [Print this page]

Author: Dizzi    Time: 2018-7-20 13:59
Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs
Edited by Moa at 2018-7-31 00:12

6 Awesome Custom Builds

To Help You Win Those Crazy Fights!

Hi guys, I'm a fairly experienced Creative Destruction player, with over 125+ victories and thousands of kills

I certainly know the ins and outs of winning battles against skilled opponents.

A major part of winning fights and becoming the Dawn Star is outbuilding and

outplaying your opponents, with Custom Builds being an incredible tool at your disposal.

However, most players just stick with the default custom build layout and while

it's ok, there are useful custom build layouts that will give you an edge over the default bois.

Without further ado, here are 6 custom builds that have been tried, tested, and proven to be

great layouts!

#7 "The Building Block"

This one is a minor edit on the default, providing double the defense in the front by

sacrificing defense in the back.


High Defense

Great Against Enemy Pushes

Easily Stackable

Perfect for Instant Cover


Little Defense Behind You

Small Size

Bad Against Enemies With High Ground

Not Easily Modifiable

#6 "Ramp Wall Push"

Used for pushing enemies quickly and aggressively, gives high ground and solid
defense against enemies who try to shoot your ramps down.


Great For Pushing With Multiple Teammates

Great At Pushing Enemies

Difficult To Take Out

Covers Large Area


Lacks Defense Around Sides

Not Viable When Alone

Difficult To Stack At Times

#5 "Walled Defense"

I find this useful whenever I need to defend my teammates who are busy looting

or reviving a downed teammate while I keep a lookout.

Wide walls offer a large area to easily hide behind in case of any surprise attacks.


Great Cover For Teammates


Easily Modifiable

Great Lookout and Peeking


Only Protects From 1 Direction

Low Height

Only Good For Peeking

Not Recommended For Multiple Team Fights

#4 "The Turtle"

A personal favorite of mine, the Turtle is perfect for solo looting a corpse

or reviving a teammate in duos. It's very inconspicuous and often goes unnoticed.


Low Profile

Easily Covers Loot/Airdrops

Perfect For Solo/Duos

Defends From Most Points Of Attack

Great Early-Mid Game


Not Offensive, Purely Defensive

Has A Opening (although that can easily be fixed by quickly placing a wall)

Not Useful End Game

#3 "Great Wall of China"

Note that this one should ONLY be used in Squads/Fireteam because

it can easily be modified by teammates with extra defense and is great at covering an entire team quickly


Quickly Covers A Whole Team

Easily Modifiable

Formidable Defense

Great in Squad/Fireteam

Surprise Element Of A Large Structure


Large Target

Dumb Teammates May Not Build Upon Its Defense

Not Offensive, Purely Defensive

#2 "Double Ramp Wall"

Fantastic at pushing, this is my go-to custom build for when I wanna play

aggressively, provides great defense against enemies trying to shoot your ramps down


Great Height

Great Defense

Very Offensive

Defendable Against Counter Pushes

Great In Any Gamemode

Great In Mid-End Game


No Defense On Sides Or Back

High Risk Of Falling

Bad In Early Game

#1 "Insta-High-Ground"

Are you a hyper-aggressive player? You gotta defeat the enemy at any cost?

Fond of High-Risk High-Reward plays? Just need constant high ground?

Then this custom build is perfect for you. I hope I never face you in a match


HIGH Surprise Factor

Basically Always Have The High Ground

Ultra Offensive

Perfect For Dropping Into Enemy Towers

Successful Plays With It Make You Feel Unstoppable


If You Fall...

Very Risky Play To Make

Basically No Defense At All

And that's all of them! If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful or funny, let me know!

Cya on the battlefield players!

Author: Dizzi    Time: 2018-7-20 14:05
Err idk why the images popped out so small, sorry about that! Anyone know how to enlarge the images on the post?
Author: nicolas1193    Time: 2018-8-1 22:45

Author: SlowHandsX    Time: 2018-8-2 03:06
Dizzi replied at 2018-7-20 14:05
Err idk why the images popped out so small, sorry about that! Anyone know how to enlarge the images  ...

Np, when I try to post images they appear small as well, must be a bug.
Author: JeremyxDx    Time: 2018-8-3 12:02
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[11:46:18.219]   [CLIENT] Current directory: C:\Creative Destruction
[11:46:18.219]   [CLIENT] Initializing client....
[11:46:18.219]   [CLIENT] Init utils.dll (1063838562)
[11:46:18.239] M Succeeded to create FileLoader, opener sys, loader indexed_discrete, root C:\Creative Destruction\Documents\res, depth 0
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[11:46:18.369] M Start log.dll
[11:46:18.369] M Start utils.dll
[11:46:18.369] M [UTILS] Init render.dll (1202430036)
[11:46:18.369] M [UTILS] CPU Name Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E4600  @ 2.40GHz, core count of this device is: 2
[11:46:18.369] M [UTILS] device model is pc
[11:46:19.595] M [UTILS] OnWindowResize - 1280, 750
Author: HighAxolotol    Time: 2018-8-3 15:23
This game its same as fortnite  and  its  ez  than  fortnte  full with bots  and I dont think someone  need those stuff to win a game just go  and  kill them
Author: kirxcy_    Time: 2018-8-5 05:30
Good.. Thinking for new builds.
Author: Heitor    Time: 2018-8-8 20:38
Muito bom!
Author: iD4N13L_    Time: 2018-8-11 18:06
Gracias! Esta muy bien ya e ganado 4 partidas con  estos tips
Author: Exotic    Time: 2018-8-22 12:17
Helpful to the new players!
Author: RIPX    Time: 2018-8-22 14:25
Uow Thank you! This helps a lot! Both for novice and experienced players

¡Gracias! Esto ayuda mucho! Tanto para jugadores novatos como experimentados

Author: SheriFF    Time: 2018-9-6 02:15
it will be good if there is 5th wall so will make good and solid build , @admins
Author: Nawo    Time: 2018-9-10 09:02
Estaría mejor si hubiera una 5ª pared
Author: ProxyzZz    Time: 2018-9-22 03:04
This is Nice And useFul,
Author: WAYKI    Time: 2018-11-2 07:41
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Author: AmiCrazy    Time: 2018-11-2 09:27
WAYKI replied at 2018-11-2 07:41
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Author: Ayman_DZ    Time: 2018-11-5 20:04
Good Job
Author: AllanAlv    Time: 2018-11-5 20:25
riko ia me estremecí ahora podre ser un tfue
Author: CrapBag    Time: 2018-12-19 10:38
I love those you made for teams . #1 a little bit fancy for actual use don't you think ?
Author: Bluefacebaby    Time: 2019-1-19 00:15
Thanks for posting this <3
Author: darktailsdoll    Time: 2019-2-9 14:21
nice work

Author: LorettacoK    Time: 2019-8-19 11:10
Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs
Bump Im excited.  I used to do stuff like this for WoW pvp but the owners of the sites sucked and money hungry. Hope you guys do well

/signed up
Author: daisythomas    Time: 2019-8-29 05:24
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Author: Davidamape    Time: 2019-8-31 12:09
Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs
hello i was wondering what tools are needing for creating custom designed units, i know how to create units i just do not know how to give them like a custom made uniform and gun i could make for them. I have seen other modders have been able to create custom designed units so if anyone can help i would be grateful.
Author: EmileTit    Time: 2019-10-22 14:25
Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs
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Title: 7 Awesome Custom Build Designs
If you guys have awesome custom build PCs for WoW share them up Post below
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